Why is Bill building an army?

Check it out: Bill Collier chats with Kelly S over at TeamSarah and discusses building an army.  Unsure as to whether this is a Freedomist army or a Upadarian army.  Great secrecy is taken when Bill calls Ralph Benko (original creator of TeamSarah) a maniac.  Bill also discusses infiltrating the group with his own Freedomist spies.  It's like an ARG of stupid!

BC: (we ARE the dark side)
KS: haven't had time.. but it rolls smooth
KS: is it pretty much a blog?
BC: ahh, now THAT'S a new one
BC: more than that
KS: cool
BC: it is the first kernel of a new movement, something we are working on with Ralkph and others
BC: an out of DC approach
BC: "builsing street level political armies"
KS: our Ralph at TS?
BC: yes
KS: got it
BC: he is also a maniac
BC: but don't tell him
KS: can we designate him... oh say.. agent 23
BC: well, Dean must be working on his community
BC: hagent23
BC: agent23
KS: what $ was get smart?
KS: #
KS: hmm.. ok, well... we can maybe pick it lata..
BC: dunno
KS: I like the site though
BC: cool
KS: how many covert agents you have on the site ... aka friends?
BC: ohh, they are not here
BC: these people are feedomnists, will all help
BC: am bringing agents over
KS: k
BC: joiun the group, FEC
BC: that is private
KS: wasn't Dean here b4?
BC: he was
BC: he prob has customers
BC: so had to run
KS: had to set up the account...
BC: he runs a site
BC: ok
BC: how do you lihe the front page article?
KS: Liberal Conspiracy... nice
BC: :)
KS: or freedaom fire
BC: ralph's headline
KS: Good Headline
BC: I am outta here, wife needs me, will taqlk tmorow
BC: God bless

Complete screenshots of the action are provided here.

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