The Reckoning

Bill Collier
Community Governance Adviser- Team Sarah

I want to let everyone know now, that we have all the facts, why today seemed a bit, well, crazy...

At Team Sarah we are experiencing -- and, with your help, neutralizing -- an attempt to frame this community for harboring hate speech and bigotry: violations of our own Terms of Use and community standards. We have just found and documented a group of 90 invaders who are plotting to come here to post racist remarks and radical, over the top, content in an attempt to discredit us, to get you, our members, fighting each other, and to just make it difficult for us to function as a community. This is not suspicion. We have irrefutable evidence!

We know who these people are through technological traces of where they are coming from (called IP Addresses) and other means. We have the website owner's information from the website from whence this conspiracy to vandalize our community. We have lodged a protest.

And we fight on!

This invasion was detected early on by TeamSarah member Kelley S, who is working with me to protect our community from such misconduct. We are taking many active measures to suppress the invasion. Thank you all for your excellent advice and support in defending TeamSarah. This discredits the Liberal attackers, not TeamSarah!

Truth outs in the end.

It is now apparent that the earlier attack on our reputation blogged at The Huffington Post was of the same nature: send in agents provocateurs to say awful things, frame us for violations of our own high standards, and treat them as "real" in order to discredit us. The smoking gun? One of the HuffPo's claims against us is identical to what one of the website's posters gloated about posting!

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