Bill Collier: The Huffening

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"First, ah...we have gotten to the bottom of the bottom. In fact, when you deal with certain types of people,when you deal with people that have no tolerance for the other side, you always get to the bottom of the bottom.

"You will recall, in the past how sarah palin's name was smeared all over the place. Why they said that the baby wasn't hers, there were all kinds of crazy accusations...we have gotten to the bottom of the bottom. We have found the origination of it, and it all began with an attempt to infiltrate and destroy the teamsarah community, teamsarah dot org.

"I happen to be the community governance administrator there, full disclosure - I also happen to be an independent writer of my own merit - um my brother paul, a gu named blank who will remain anonymous for his own reasons - and some other folks, have noticed, um, a large number of people coming in and acting like idiots...and we began to research it and we discovered that there was a place where these people were gathering, and they were literally creating sock puppet clones, trolls, whatever you want to call them, and were sending them in to conservative groups, of which our group's related, in order to undermine them! They also admitted that they had undermined and sought to destroy the Hillary Clinton campaign!

"They are members of a forum that claims to be supported by George Soros! Now I dont know if they're supported by George Soros but I would like to ask him if that is actually the case, if prehaps there is some funding involved here, because these people clearly have a lot of time on their hands. And they have come in literally in the hundreds in order to undermine everything decent and right.

"We in the past have had an article in the Huffington Post in which Team Sarah was villified, as being racist, they had screenshots of people making very racist remarks, unfortunately as paul is going to be detailing in the future here, the guy who did the article which was presented on the front page of the Huffington Post as a journalistic piece, as a serious journalistic article, this is a man who has said and done things that are unbelievable, whos credentials as a journalist are absolutely, absolutely none, he has no credentials as a journalist, Huffington Post has no credentials as a journalistic publication, it is a liberal opinion rag, a blog nothing more nothing less! But they just received, they're talking about a 25 million dollar capital investment, I wonder which advertisers want to be associated with an article that has no journalistic standards, an article that cites evidence against a community of people, evidence that we now know was planted! By the other side! People who bragged about going in and saying and doing things in order to FRAME people at Team Sarah as being racist, in order to FRAME Sarah Palin! And this goes all the way back to the original post..and in the original post the man says "Hey..lets smear Sarah palin...and lets convince the world that Sarah Palin really isn't pregant, and its her daughter's baby, her daughter was the one that had Trig, and her SON had sex with her DAUGHTER, and that's why he's being sent to uh, uh, Iraq!" talk about insane!

"Bragging about, and - oh oh you can't believe - they, they ran this article, with all these sock puppets creating fake evidence, they never once contacted Team Sarah! They never asked any questions! I want, I have a question for ARIANNA HUFFINGTON right now...! WHO KNEW WHAT AND WHEN!! WERE YOU PART OF THIS?!? OR WERE YOU JUST THAT IRRESPONSIBLE THAT YOU THINK CAN BE A SERIOUS JOURNALISTIC PUBLICATION ONLINE...and post this kind of NONSENSE!!

"That article after it came out, we were HIT with hundreds, hundreds of people coming in trying to disrupt the community, saying the most vile disgusting things! I've got the information...I've got all the emails that they sent...these cowardly people, and some of the things that they said are UNREPEATABLE! And that is what Huffington Post generated...that is what people are investing 75 million dollars on, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?! Who are these potential advertisers so that we can boycott every single one of them, so we can expose them as liberal HACKS who do things more like what the Stalinists would have done, what the BOLSHEVICKS would have done to their enemies, to distort the truth, to lie...this calls into question the entire election!Because this election was won on the margins, and they attack on the margins by undermining conservative organizations, they bragged about going after Hillary Clinton's people, they bragged about going after Little Green Footballs, they bragged about constantly trying to undermine everything we were trying to do, not only SMEARING us in public, but doing everything they could to make our ability to even TALK to each other, in our OWN COMMUNITIES I know why the 57 states doesn't allow SCUM like THAT in...NOW you know...

"We need a place of our own, a haven of our own, where we don't have to worry about these people and their opinions, there is a time and a place to go out into the marketplace, to debate, to discuss issues, to try to come to a civil disagreement with other sides, and present your opinions...but there's also a place where you wanna meet with your own people, where you wanna strategize for your own cause, and your own believes, and your own values, and these people WILL NOT LET US ALONE!! They come in, they think they have a RIGHT, from God knows what...they think they have a PURE STRAIN RIGHT to GENTLY CARESS THEMSELVES into our communities...and undermine everything we stand for, and try as much as they can! Its as if we're having a meeting in church and they're standing up in the middle, oh wait THEY DO THAT IN SAN FRANCISCO NOW DON'T THEY!...they already DO! Is this what we're coming to? Civil debate in this country is coming under assault and WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT ANY LONGER!

"We are going to stand up, we're not going to stoop to their level of course! You don' don't return evil for evil, and its evil, but you CALL it evil...and the people on those forums...the people that are coming from Something Awful, from Lazy's Fair, and the people that are coming from Huffington Post, and Daily Kos, and Democratic Underground, have declared WAR ON YOU...and YOU must STAND UP! Document everything they do, expose everything they do, stand up...I can assure you of one thing...they are not coming in, to Team Sarah...sure, they probably have sock puppets...but they're not going to get anywhere. The people at Team Sarah are too smart for that. They don't fall for the debate...they don't get sidetracked by that nonsense...and they're creating their own measures to fix and make sure that bad behavior is dealt with.

"If you are a liberal...and you wanna come, and you wanna participate and be civil, generally speaking no one is going to bother you...but if you wanna come in, and you wanna pretend you're something you're not, assume a false identity, or you wanna come in and attack people, and start saying so and so is a clone, and try to do these things? You're not gonna get away with that...and if you are being FUNDED...or others are benefiting from your'll be held accountable, and my first target is the Huffington Post itself.

"Arianna Huffington, you political whore... *(tell them about huffington (?) dot com...)* Huffingtonwatch dot com is coming to a theatre near you, we are going to document the hypocrasy, we are going to document the smears, we are going to go after these people tooth and nail and I assure you of one thing my friends...THERE ARE NO GLOVES ON THESE HANDS!!!!!! They're want war, I'll show you how to fight a war and it won't be the way you think, it won't be unethically, and it won't be by promoting violence and hatred and'll be by standing up for what is right, it'll be by telling the truth, it'll be by shooting down every arrow you throw at us with the shield of truth, it'll be by going after every attempt to the TERRORISTS that you are, YES! Terrorists seeking to HIJACK our group and FLY THEM INTO TOWERS!! Well, I say to you unequivically...GO TO HELL!!! "

*(It'll be by turning the lights on, Bill. Turning the lights on them. They've been living in the dark and shadows for too long.)*

"You have to understand, I am NOT irrational. I am very rational. The Bible says be angry and sin not. There is no sin at being angry. There is no sin at being outraged. The sin is in how you respond. We're not going to send clone armies to disrupt their groups...we're not going to disrespect their right to their opinions...sure we're going to monitor what they're doing, we're going to track what they're doing, we're going to use good intelligence...we're going to find out who these people, who these coward scum who hide behind fake IDs and don't want to use their real name in public, because they KNOW...they know...if they use their real name in public they might have a lawsuit...and if we find 'em they cause a tort, when a community of people something, and you are coming in and causing damage, which tends to cost THEM create a tort, go back to school and read it you little freaks!

"You've been hiding in a hole, you've been getting away with it ever since that first chain letter...well lemmie tell you, and lemmie tell you clear...we are COMING for YOU. And the people who HARBOR you...and I say to the people who have been affected by these attacks, on places like Little Green Footballs, and places like Team Sarah, on conservative, and prolife, and other forums of that nature, all throughout the blogosphere, I say to you...SOON...the world will know who these people are....and these people will hear from you...and NOBODY WILL HAVE ANYWHERE TO HIDE...and anybody that harbors them, any blog, any forum, any website, any group, any business that harbors that...YOU WILL HEAR FROM US..and it won't be unethical nonsense, it will be legal, it will be in the court of public opinion which you will LOSE, because the American people, left or right, DO NOT APPROVE! OF YOU TRYING TO BE UNFAIR! AND UNKIND AND UNCIVIL and they do not approve of you TRYING TO STOP PEOPLE from living their lives as THEY choose to live their lives, in COMMUNITY with one another, trying to violate our right of free association! You don't have a First Amendment right to step into my HOUSE, and start calling me NAMES...and you don't have that right in our communities...WE have a right to DECIDE...who we want to associate with, how we want to assemble together, how we want to work together, and your efforts, your SAUL OLINKSY efforts to undermine us will be met, we will exchange BLOW FOR BLOW and WE WILL NOT FAIL... no matter what, your days are numbered, the devil always goes too far, you have exposed yourself and we are going to make sure we will CONTINUE to expose you... and as we expose you, oh how we expose you...your life...will become...A LIVING HELL. As your own side turns on you...can you imagine the millionare, Arianna Huffington, how she is going to feel when we, we, YOU, in this chatroom, listening to this show, begin to contact her investors, and begin to ask her "why are you associated with somebody that says they're journalistic, when they have no journalistic ability whatsoever, and who are you? to do this? And how are you going to enjoy a boycott by millions?" And if you don't think the conservative base is going to rise up in righteous indignation and rally around its own cause, YOU are a FOOL!!!

"You're like the Japanese, we've ENJOYED your attacks this time! We have LISTENED to you, we have had PATIENCE with you, we have been CIVIL with you, we have tried everything we can do to have peace with the other side...but they have engaged in a Pearl Harbor-like attack...and we are only now understanding the full depths of how HORRID this attack has are not outraged? Oh I don't think so...if you're a conservative, if you're a liberal, if you're a moderate, if you're an independent, if you're an American that believes in the First the right of free speech in public, and the right of free association in private...if you believe in those things, and I know you do Americans...then you are just as outraged as me and you don't care who's doin it...and you don't care if its your side or my side or whoever's side it only care about how this isn't who you are as a people...Americans don't go into other peoples' communities, try to frame them for things they didn't do, try to stop them from even being able to communicate with each other, and then spread lies as fact, and then present themselves as JOURNALISTS...Americans would NEVER think of that! We on the right have been so, absolutely surprised, to tell you the truth... its hard to believe that someone would do something that you would never imagine, if you had a conservative friend, or a liberal friend, and you knew they were engaging in this kind of behavior, whether you're a conservative or a would be OUTRAGED! You would probably disown them because you're GOOD have good hearts and you believe in don't believe in dirty tricks, and you don't believe that if a community of people is doing its thing, that people should try to come in, in the hundreds, in the thousands, and try to infiltrate them and tear them down, that email I recieved said 'we are going to send in thousands, and we are going to destroy your community from the core' this the kind of people you want to associate with America?

"Arianna Huffington...are YOU an advocate of this? And you may say "I didn't knowww, I didn't knowww that this was happening..." did you do due diligence, did you check out the guy that wrote the article, did you check out the facts in the article, its you! Because your name is on that! Did you pick up the phone, did you call someone over at Team Sarah and say 'we have this report about your site, could we talk about this, and find out if this is actually true"? And we would have told them "look we don't believe in racism, we don't believe in bigotry, we don't tolerate it, and if we find that in people we deal with them" - but how do you deal with people when they're literally sending hundreds of them in...this wasn't a site that was funded with soros' millions! This was a site that was begun on a shoestring! As many of our sites are! We're from the ground up people, we don't have a big brother that drops million dollar checks in our lap every day! Do you think that's fair, America? Do you think that's fair, Arianna Huffington? And do you think, Arianna Huffington, that the American people are going to look at you with anything but CONTEMPT?

"You have only one choice...FIRE the man that wrote the article...disavow EVERYTHING that was said...CONDEMN IT! STOP the flame wars on your forum against us, make it a policy of your community that you won't harbor such activities...disavow and institute journalistic standards on your community...if you can't do those things, then you're profiting from that behavior...and if you're profiting from that behavior then it doesn't matter what you knew and when...oh and I'd like to know, and its a serious question, but in the end, if you're harboring it and you're profiting off it, then that's what you are. Because Team Sarah...Little Green Footballs...these are the websites that we have out there...we don't harbor that. I can't tell you the number of people I've dealt with, right left and in the middle, groups that I moderate and deal with...that if they're a conservative or liberal or whatever they are...that when they behave badly I deal with it, I don't tolerate it...yet you do Arianna Huffington, you tolerate it and you pay for it, you ask people to finance it your capital, then you come out and you try to pretend that you're a journalistic endeavor, stop lying to the American people, you're either a liberal blog, and that's all you are, or you're a journalistic publication. Which is pick a side and if you're a journalist there's only one side Arianna Huffington...shut down the people doing these activities...don't tolerate it on your forums, disavow it publically, go on Fox News, go on all the other channels, and say publically 'we are sorry this happened, we apologize to Sarah for these vicious reports, we apologize to Sarah Palin because we allowed these smears against her, and we have been ourselves to blame for the poisoning of civil discourse in America, and we are going to institute reforms, and we're not going to agree with our conservative friends across the isle, but we're not going to call them the devil every day! And we're not going to profit from or allow this kind of behavior! We certainly wouldn't want people coming into our community doing this kind of thing, and we don't want to see it done elsewhere.'

"And I can assure you...if any conservative ever thought of going into a liberal group and doing that kind of behavior and I found out about it...I would be very outraged too. I do not tolerate that kind of behavior and nobody should and you know what? None of our people do. Most liberals don't, most conservatives don't. Most Americans don't. Its only a kooky few...yeah you a couple people on the extreme right, they pick up an issue and they're just as hateful, a few people on the extreme left, they pick up an issue, hateful, they don't want discourse...I've seen a picture of one of the trolls, the man is addicted to games, Dungeons and Dragons type stuff, looks like he's probably living in his mom's basement, he's got nothing better to do with his life...all he wants to do is just attack and destroy...he's not creating anything, he's not doing anything positive, he's just trying to stop other people from having an if believing that life begins at conception is evil! As if believing in limited government and low taxes is if believing that, that going into Iraq wasn't such a bad idea after all is if whatever we say is evil...are you kidding me?

"America...Arianna Huffington is not your friend...Huffington investors? Listen to me carefully...Arianna Huffington is not a journalist...if she was, she'd be on this call with me right now agreeing with me and apologizing. She won't do that. And if she won't do that she shouldn't be investing in something like that, and if she does invest in that there's going to be hell to pay...because 40 to 50 percent of Americans identify themselves as conservatives...and the other 40 to 50 percent of Americans liberal or not, moderate, whatever they want to call themselves...are not going to support that kind of behavior. So you have a choice...investors of Arianna Huffington, do you want to support someone who's not a real journalist, and pretend that she is, when she is profiting from this kind of behavior and refuses to distance herself from it, if she was to, I haven't asked her directly so I can't say she has refused, but I'm asking her now and I'll ask her publically, what are you going to do Arianna Huffington, are you going to disavow this behavior, or are you going to continue to harbor cyber terrorists?"

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  1. The warrior poet lets out a battle cry to rally the troops and start a war. A curious few take a look and find out his "enemy" includes a bunch of teenage girls at YA for Obama. End of war.

    And why, exactly, did he have to bring up one of America's strongest allies, Japan? How are the goons like the Japanese? Why did he use the present tense and not the past tense? Can one of you lurking "circle of friends" folk explain that here.