On fundraising and the Republican Party

After several years and his dreams of a Christian utopia going unrealized, Bill did what most people do in his situation: he turned to conservatism. Yes, Bill's plans included everything from tweeting the conservative revolution to exposing Nancy Pelosi and T. Boone Pickens as part of the New World Order. He was quickly realizing that as a conservative, the world stood against him. How were conservatives ever going to achieve their goals when George Soros and the liberal bloggers stood in their way?

Bill quickly hatched
a plan:

Angry Americans are waking up again to another manufactured scandal that is designed to deny us our free speech and deceive voters into electing secular socialists to office. The Foley scandal is about one man, but the Soros-MoveOn crowd want Americans to vote against Republicans because of what this one man did. The Soros Goons, storm troopers for socialism and secularism and the most unthinkable moral depravity, want us to believe all Republicans are evil and then ignore the moral degeneracy and secular socialism of the Democrats.

These goons lie about us, deny the rights of their opponents through unethical behavior and slander, and deny voters the right to make informed decisions by lying about what the real Democratic agenda is.

Today you win with noise and to make noise, via radio, TV, Print, and the Internet, you need lots and lots of cold hard cash.

Soros may be a billionaire but if only 20 million angry Americans, and surely there are 20 million angry Americans, would pony up $30 per month we would throw over $7.2 billion PER year into this fight and literally overwhelm the enemy with our “noise”.

There are many organizations we can fund. We could literally fund our very own news service with Internet, TV, radio, and print news! We could reach every single US Household at least 7 different times every single month! When the media goes on a feeding frenzy after US we can turn the tables and start to dig into THEIR closets showing their connection to these thugs. We can fund lawsuits against the media for violating campaign finance law because they behave as an adjunct of the Democrat party. We can fund lawsuits alleging discrimination against conservatives in the entertainment industry, in academia, and in the media.

We need to create a massive fund, supported by people like you and me who give $30 per month and every single conservative organization can urge people to support that fund. This fund can be governed by our leaders and affiliate groups, a sort of United Way for conservative causes. People could even choose which groups they want to fund or which activities sort of like people do now with the United Way. All conservative radio hosts could do campaigns or telethons urging people to contribute to this fund.

The fund could then create a news service without equal which could involve News Max, WorldNetDaily, CNS News, Agape News, other similar news services, and local conservative-owned newspapers or radio stations. Imagine an editorial board that consists of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mike Reagan, Mike Gallagher, Glenn Beck, and other great conservative voices!

How could such a fund be created? Simply create a 527 organization that is owned by "member groups”, the groups who will be eligible for funding from this 527. Here’s my problem: NOBODY IS LISTENING. If you like this idea, spread it, ask people who know people to send it to them with their strong recommendation. If you like this idea, send me an email (Upadaria@yahoo.com) and tell me you would be willing to give $30 per month once such a group is created. If we have, for instance, 10,000 people saying they would be willing to pledge $30 per month then maybe our leaders will see how serious we are.

We have two choices my friends; to arms or to prison. I don’t like closed spaces, so I say TO ARNS AMERICANS! Let’s take our media, our entertainment industry, and our schools back from these leftist goons!

I beg of you, angry Americans, pls forward this message far and wide. If you want to be a point of contact for people who would commit to contribute to a Conservative version of The United Way then, I BEG you, pls put in your email and stay in touch with me so we can tabulate the number of people who are committed (and then we can contact then).

If you think you can organize such an effort, let me know. This is not about me or you, it is about standing up against the enemy. We MUST do something concrete and we must do it right now.

If these goons take the House, they will be more emboldened to keep this nonsense up until everyone is afraid to question them in any way. Do you want to see a day when the same storm trooper tactics they use in Hollywood or our schools to silence us are commonplace? Do you want to see the day come when blog writers who don’t tow their party line are harassed, slandered, and “investigated” every time they expose the lies of our enemy?

We have the means to win in our hands, we can funnel far more resources into our causes then they can. Remember, Soros got his money from people like us through his sleazy exploitation and tax dodges. Let’s stat sending our money to our causes on a systematic basis.

Forward this email far and wide, and then write personally to people you know and ask them to do the same.

If we can’t get at least 10,000 signatures of people who say “I will give $30 per month” then our side doesn’t deserve to win.

HELP ME TO GET THIS OUT and don’t be shy!

We can win if we want to!

BTW I am committed to giving $30 per month to such an organization as soon as we have 1,000 signatures. Are you?

Bill Collier

Yes, once he had collected enough money from angry Americans, Bill would begin the revolution. But there was one problem:

The money never came.

How would the Republican Party ever succeed if they failed to expose the liars on the left? Why did those Republicans elected to office never uphold their promises? What happened to the Contract With America and the permanent Republican majority?

With the failure of the Republican Party to act, something had to be done.

A new party had to be formed.


  1. Before you throw this letter into the proverbial round file, let's be clear: this is the first time I have ever asked for a bailout from the Federal Reserve. I know what you're thinking. Why do I deserve your largesse, and I do mean largesse, since I'm asking for five million big ones? The answer is simple. Like many of our nation's financial institutions, I am simply too big to fail. If investors were allowed witness the collapse of Freddie, Fannie, and then Bill Collier, I can't begin to describe what havoc it would wreak on their already frayed nerves. Actually, I can describe it: global financial calamity. I think we can both agree that, to dodge this bullet, ten million dollars is a small price to pay. (I know that I originally asked for five, but since I started writing this letter my financial situation has deteriorated in grave and unexpected ways.)

    Bill Collier.

  2. Okay, 24 hours have passed. By now, I'm fairly confident you've already decided to give me the bailout, but, just in case you haven't, here's one more good reason: there's better than a fifty-fifty chance that at some point in the next ten years I'll be elected Vice-President of the United States. I wouldn't have guessed that a few months ago (now I have constituents like Biruta Magone, Tara Rogers, et. al. onboard - I am their governor after all), but apparently now their letting anybody run for VP. How is this significant for you? In addition to presiding over the Senate and attending state funerals, one of the VP's duties (as I see it) is to badmouth the Chairman of the Federal Reserve to the President. This is a situation that could get, shall we say, rather awkward for you. But why even contemplate such a scenario when it could be avoided by sending me a check? It'll be the best billion dollars you ever spent. (That's right! It's been upped again. Delay again and I'll up it again!)

    Bill Collier.