In the beginning: The Upadarian Dream

Much is unknown about Bill, other than his current involvement with a bazillion right-wing blogs. But where did it all begin? How did it all start?

Let's start with the short bio at the now-defunct

In the spirit of self-sufficiency (through God), which is a major part of William R. Collier, Jr.'s philosophy, he has run a number of self-owned businesses, including a ceramic shop, ran local newspapers, earned an insurance license, and currently has a marketing/consulting business, Kross Publishing.

His experience in missions work and evangelizing started in 1987 when he designed and ran a discipleship program while working in U.S. Navy Intelligence (1987-1991).

He has also been a drama team director for his local church, helped plant a church, served on the Mission Board of his church and also serves as an advisor to the local women's AGLOW program (also through his church).

He has conducted numerous Christian seminars through the years.

His goals, while running his evangelical outreach programs, have been to see new converts get baptized and out street preaching within 90 days.

His programs have consistently achieved a 70% retention rate amongst new converts.

At present, he is at work designing a new outreach program for the inner city part of Harrisburg, Pa.

He currently lives and writes in Marysville, Pa, along with his wife, Dora, and his two children, Arthur and Billy.

Living the American Dream™, Bill sought to help others acheive success with his Bible study programs. After carefully detailing his utopian society's pyramid scheme, Bill offers to send you ebooks and other information on his mentoring program.

If there's one thing you should know about Bill, it's that he likes to sell his knowledge. A lot. In fact, this becomes a recurring theme in all of his sites - over 20 at the time of this writing. More on those later.

Bill continues his work with, a site for people who are Christian and enjoy downloading PDFs. Are you not Christian or do you not enjoy downloading PDFs? You wouldn't understand.

Finally, we come to, the realm of Upadarians or unicorns or something. What's a Upadarian? Why, it's someone in a Field of Dreams community! A Field of Dreams community is a virtual community composed of nutcases. Think somewhere between Second Life and the movie "The Net".

Field of Dreams Communities has been around since 1999 when John Graham, the Chairman, started doing his daily "Field of Dreams" email, sending it to family, friends, and associates. Over time John started growing that list and as his readers expressed interests of all types, he started to create various groups or them to "meet" in, sending every group a daily "Field of Dreams" email and letting them have their own conversations.

John Graham was a professional baseball Manager for Minor League teams, a sports caster on radio, the owner of a Rest Home, and even the youngest Party Chairman ever for a major city party organization, the Hampton Roads area GOP. graham continues to be active as a newspaper writer and businessman and is considering a bid for the State Senate where he lives.

By 2002 the current leaders of Field of Dreams Communities came together with John and formed Field of Dreams Communities. These members included Bill Collier, Paul Collier, Dean Chambers and John Graham. Other participants in some of our communities of note included Bruce Murray, Terry Taylor, Darrel Lucus, Mike McGee and many others who came and went.

While FODC (Field of Dreams Communities) has always been multidimensional, our focus in 2002 was on "political simulations". At the time, we had maybe 1,000 members spread throughout 100 or so groups. Our "flagship" community was "Virtual USA" a political simulation based on Yahoo Groups which became the largest and the most active political simulation on Yahoo Groups with over 700 members, with a full Presidential cabinet, Supreme Court, and Senate and with over 200 House Seats filled.

Other projects which were offshoots of these communities include the privately owned "Great Leagues" community which is owned by Dean Chambers. is a community for people who play online games and who use "BUX", digital currency, to enter tournaments and win "prizes". Dean provides the platform and the custom designed software for their community and has free and paid subscribers.

The latest project to "spin off" of FODC is The American Freedomist Network and its "Freedomist Congress USA" along with American Freedomist Radio and The Freedomist Party USA.

The AFN is being developed as a corporation with shares owned by FODC, by Jena's Digital Empire, Kross Publishing, The Ecklesia 21 Society, The Freedomist Party USA, and investors as well as, eventually, franchise owners who gain "vested" status.

The Freedomist Congress USA is being set up as a corporation that will be owned by Club Owners, investors, The AFN itself, and by its paid subscribers. The FCUSA is designed to "Shadow" the "Delegates" to Congress and to create a "Shadow Government" of sorts for Freedomists which will implement their vision of a limited government and maximum individual sovereignty with local control.

The Freedomist Party USA is going to be a 527 Organization owned by its dues paying members with the aim in mind of advocating for the RIGHTS of individuals, private associations and businesses, and local communities by means of influencing politicians and political parties according to the precepts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The FPUSA is NOT a "Political Party" so much as a "coalition" of "caucuses" which include Democrats, Republicans, Constitutionalists, and Independents.

Christian members of Field of Dreams Communities have long had our "Upadaria" Group. Upadaria is a "virtual" homeland for Christian Freedomists who want a more simple Christian life and who beleive in Christian Community that is operated by The Ecklesia 21 Society International. The E21SI is a fraternal society for Christian Freedomists around the world. The American "Society" is called "the Upadarian Society of America" (USA) after its virtual homeland.

Paul Collier created "NovusNow", a group that focused on sustainability and new technology, which has evolved into The Sovereignty Union ( which is based on the premise that sustainability is sovereignty. This group has over 200 members from around the world.

The number of Field of Dreams Communities has grown over the years, and so have the number of subscribers to our groups. Today, well over 10,000 Americans and 2,000 or so people from around the world receive The Field of Dreams Today in their email box. These members belong to around 1500 different groups and clubs on Google groups, Yahoo group, MSN groups, and elsewhere.

We will be MIGRATING our members and our groups to this network, and we will be upgrading it, first through our own branding, and then by purchasing customized software from the NING platform to add features and improvements, including, for instance, a "mail to form" feature that will enable you to use email to create forum topics, read them, and reply and a forum system and groups system that allows for up to 12 levels of sub-categories.

We want to thank ALL the THOUSANDS of people who have made Field of Dreams Communities "America's Online Community" and all the many who even today, as moderators, group members, and group owners, make FODC a place where you can make friends, meet new people, and express yourself in countless ways.

The Field of Dreams Communities Board of Directors
John graham, Chairman
Bill Collier, Vice Chairman (Communications)
Paul Collier, Vice Chairman (Multimedia)
Dean Chambers (IT and Cyber Security)

Are you scared? You probably should be.


  1. K, I read your comment on Collier on my blog, then I read this whole thing with an open mind. I really don't see what your beef is with Collier, nor have you proven your allegations of racism or scamming. There's not word about race anywhere in your post, or any of Collier's text, and just because someone sells a product or service that people are willing to pay for doesn't make them a scam artist. You'll have to do better than this if you want to convince me (or anyone).

  2. Elizabeth I take it you skimmed over the parts about requesting money from people for a "shadow government" among other scams, maybe you're ok with defrauding people online?

  3. "Wow", "that"'s a lot of "shadowy" words in "double quotes".

  4. Or...just one? Man you guys can't even count no wonder the thought of reading more than 2 lines of text is an impossible task

  5. I, for one, was convinced at Upadaria.

  6. "I hale from Upadaria..."

    Bill Collier.

  7. I offer the following e-mail from Emily (TS mod), sans my personal e-mail, as proof than I am not a goon:

    - On Fri, 10/24/08, Team Sarah <> wrote:

    From: Team Sarah <>

    We have doubled in size in one day. Yesterday, we were thrilled to pass 10,000

    Today we are passing 20,000 -- adding more members in one day than we did in
    our first month.

    And the first month was -- simply astonishing.

    This is Palin Power unleashed. And it's all because of you!

    Team Sarah is turning into the coolest new place on the Internet.

    All because of you.

    Things are happening much too fast for us to write about all the cool new
    things at Team Sarah.

    Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at the Million Woman Teletown Hall.
    History in the making!

    And if you aren't able to make the townhall, be sure to check back in the
    afternoon. I will post a recording so you can listen to all the action.



    So just... come on over and look -- at the groups, the photos, the videos, the
    forums, the chat room!

    Visit Team Sarah at:

    To control which emails you receive on Team Sarah, go to:

    My point: I joined TS believing Jeri, Jane, Emily and Marjorie were the founders of TS. Emily, who I adore, was always the "face" of TS as far as I was concerned. In the Teletown Hall mentioned above, Barbara Bush was a guest. I kid you not. Then, at the beginning of this year, some guy named Bill Collier was plastered on the front page of TS with the title "Site Governance Advisor." Who the heck is he, I asked?

    After reading your "Bill has graced us with his presence" blog in the SA goldmine section under LF, I found the answer.

    Note how he, as itabani7, states he just "moderates." Ahh, bullshit, why the hell give yourself the grand title of
    "Governance Advisor" if you want others to believe you just moderate? It was nothing more than an overt power grab. And it failed.

    Thanks to you, goons.

  8. Ouch, that stings!

  9. Well, well, well....

    The grizzly has risen in a lot us moms, I see.

    I'm thinking about posting my credentials as well. The ones that prove I donate to TS and McCain and the RNC and SarahPAC.

    My daughter, too, was banned by the zealots.

    Her "sin?" Stating her views.

    In the past, her posts were met with a resounding silence. But she was "fine" with this because she at least made "my point of view be heard." This was when Team Sarah was a political site - not a bible study group.

    Then it all stopped in January. Her posts were met with an all out assault by the forum "regulars," who insulted my little girl with a vulgar pecks that would earn anyone outside the clique instant banishment.

    I believe in making girls strong - not telling them they "should be spanked and sent to bed."

    Why don't you post direct quotes from Gov. Palin, verbatim, as if they were your own and see what happens, I told her.

    She did "as an experiment." She was labeled a troll by the zealots and summarily banned the next day.

    I'm not angry with Team Sarah. I'm angry at the zealots who sat back in silence, watched TS grow, then launched a plan to make their "word" be the only one heard. They were beaten back, time and time again, deflated and made impotent by crystal clear logic. It was ludicrously easy, requiring only a post or two.

    Then one of their own became a moderator and the game changed. It was a sight, I can tell you. Reasonable posts were buried with a barrage of schoolgirl sarcasm and playground insults. Bible scripture ruled the day - anything else was dismissed and discounted. If you slapped them down with a clever comeback, you were banned.

    How so very convenient! We, "the chosen few," are now no longer required to defend our posts. You must, of course, but we don't have to. Not anymore. The rest of you must stand there and just take it - or you'll be banished from our kingdom. Pay homage or else.

    They were like a bunch of red-ass monkeys in heat.

    Their leader? Now I never wish ill towards any husband and father. But I, too, am a parent. Here was a middle-aged man who declared war on school children at YAforObama and Nerdfighters. Bad form? I'll say. He was parading around his troll documentation like a demented warrior with a fist full of fresh scalps. And a lot of them were children's scalps!

    We are here because our protests and e-mails to other TS administrators have either been ignored, intercepted, or discounted. We'll be back.

    FYI, he's toned down his "title" to an acronym.

    And one more thing: You goons were nice to my daughter, even coming to her defense. For that I am grateful.


    Tara Rogers and the Liberal Mouse:
    A clever mouse is sunning himself in the church yard, when Tara Rogers swoops down and seizes him in her claws. Whistling through the air, the mouse warns Tara Rogers not to eat him. "Why shouldn't I?" says Tara Rogers. "Don't you know," says the mouse, "that mice are loaded with trans fats?" Alarmed, Tara Rogers releases the mouse and runs away. The next Sunday, Tara Rogers happens upon an old owl devouring a less fortunate mouse. "Stop!" cries Tara Rogers. "Don't you know those things are loaded with trans fats?" The owl stops eating and says, "What are you, an idiot?"
    Moral: You just can't argue with owls.

    The Crow and Cecilia (aka TEXaz PRINCESS)
    Determined to exercise, TEXaz PRINCESS says a prayer, takes ten steps, then collapses on a park bench, out of breath. "Help me!" TEXaz PRINCESS shouts to a nearby crow. But the crow is uncertain. "How do I know you won't eat me?" "I'm helpless," replies TEXaz PRINCESS. "Besides, Christians don't eat crows." Satisfied, the crow flutters down from the tree limb and alights next to TEXaz PRINCESS. Suddenly, TEXaz PRINCESS twists around and eats the crow. "That'll show him," she says.
    Moral: TEXaz PRINCESS will eat anything.

    Biruta and the Magic Hen
    Biruta, now in NYC, is earning extra money as a harlot in the East Nineties. Biruta is lying on the curb when a friendly hen happens by and asks her what's wrong. "My shoe," says Biruta. "It's stuck under the tire of that Volvo." "I'll tell you what," says the hen. "Come back Tuesday at eleven-thirty and I will make the Volvo disappear." And so Biruta returns Tuesday morning and, sure enough, the Volvo is gone. "Amazing!" says Biruta, her shoe retrieved. "I'll do you one better," clucks the hen. "Come back tomorrow and I will make the cars on the other side of the street disappear." Biruta comes back the next day and, as promised, the other side of the street is empty. "Incredible," marvels Biruta, "I guess this is why they call you the Magic Hen." "No," replies the hen. "They call me that because I sell acid."
    Moral: You didn't hear it from me.

  11. Looks like you "Grizzly Den with Cubs" members were correct. I finally got around to checking your data out and it holds. American Dog~Scott (aka otlset, sandy, Steve, and his other ad infinitum sock-puppets...) is still getting away with directly, and indirectly w/sock puppets, accusing non clique members for being trolls/liberals. Do you know which moderator/"governator" he is? Keep using private e-mails. Also, I wonder if Marjorie knows Team Sarah has been hijacked. Check out who sent me this e-mail: "" Thanks to you "Grizzly Den with Cubs" for giving me a heads-up.

    Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2009 00:49:24 -0700
    Subject: Failed Scheduled Payment

    4/1/2009 12:49:23 AM


    We have attempted to process your transaction for Susan B. Anthony List

    Event: Support Team Sarah
    Reference ID:

    However, we are unable to do so for the following reason:


    Please advise us of how you wish to resolve this:

    Susan B. Anthony List
    (703) 379-4218

    Thank you again for your generous support.

    Susan B. Anthony List
    2800 Shirlington Road
    Suite 901
    Arlington,VA 22206

  12. gently caress it, I had to endure it so I'm posting it:

    Translated Danish parts:

    Title: "Hello, my beautiful new friend"

    "I'll be writing in English because it doesn't take me too long to think and write in Danish."

    "This world would be better if women had responsibility."

    "Dreams do happen, if you follow them, ??? and life can grand if your happy."

    "God Bless,"

    "p.s. Your English is big!"

    And with that I'm done with loving TeamSarah. They like me waaaay too much.

  13. Okay, for those of you who feel "out of the loop" I apologize. I only have time to answer three of the most popular FAQs:

    1. The zealot who posted the sarcastic "Whatever....." above Rebecca's post in the "vaccination" discussion was Tara Rogers (who is now in hiding).

    2. This is the PM America Dog~Scott sent to the sock-puppet coed, Viking Girl, that we find hysterically funny and keep referencing in e-mails. Just paste this to your search engine and the original PM will come up:

    3. My "Den" meets every two weeks at The Rain Forest Cafe in the Tyson's Corner Mall (we all have cubs, after all). Sorry, but it's invitation only. But there are "Dens" in many zip codes. And, yes, we are all still members of TS.

  14. Sorry, Moms, I mean't "Grizzly with Cubs Den" - not "Grizzly Den with Cubs." Whoo (wipes brow), it's really been a long day. And I must agree - Gary P. Jackson is a winner. If not for members like him, Tammy Bruce would have never joined Team Sarah.

    And don't you just love how the Tammy Bruce Group makes the religious zealots scream in their pillows!

    And two more parting shots:
    1. American Dog~Scott is a dirty old man (he was born in 1964).
    2. Tara Rogers is a witch.

  15. Air Fiero (who is painfully obvious not a scientist - by his own admission even) doesn't know the difference between differential calculus and integrated calculus, yet he is being applauded in the global warming forum discussion. Golly gee, no wonder the liberals mock Gov. Palin.

    Is there an active TS member who knows how to think other than joan and SweetN in the forum now?

    Maybe one (Gary P. Jackson) or two (?) others at most.

  16. There are two words to describe what joan is doing to the zealots in the Global Warming thread: Total domination.

    We and the whole world can see it.

    AirFiero is a quack and an embarrassment. Every reference he cites has been rejected by peer-reviewed journals. That satellite and it's data he keeps hanging his hat on was in a decaying orbit, for Christ sake.

    I mean, come on, the most accurate measuring instruments to measure Earth's temperatures are the ones on Earth. And every thermometer in the world says the earth is warming.

    And yes, American Dog~Scott believes in ID. Surprise? NOT! Now, AD~Scott, why don't you STFU already.

  17. I took my photo down because American Dog~Scott sent me a friend invite, and I never even posted outside of the Young Republican Group.

    He stalks!

    Yucky! Creepy! Scary!

  18. LOL! AirFiero claims joan's links are not "scientific papers." What a hoot! And his rejects are? Good gracious! Keep posting BS, AirFiero, your manuscript will never be published anywhere else but on the TS forum. You will convince no one outside of the zealot clique that you are an "expert." You are, and always will be, living in fantasyland.

    And Young Republican, just ignore AD~Scott. He is a loser to the Nth degree. Half the moms here have gotten one of his "yucky" friend invites. A few of us Grizzly Den moms have him nailed to a tee. Click on the "Bill Collier: Nazi Sympathizer" section of this site for a laugh.

  19. Okay, ladies, I'm convinced. I canceled a donation and the address came up on my cancellation e-mail too.

    AD~Scott has always been a notorious stalker. All you have to do is read the last several pages of Global Warming thread. He's assaulting joan and breaking every community rule in the process. Typical! And what crap!

    ConservativesforPalin here I come!

  20. Good Lord, three cups of coffee later and I'm only half way through this site.

    No question about it: AD-Scott is blatantly stalking and ASSAULTING joan. He is worse than a petulant child.

    Lordy, let's drive off everyone then go to the other Palin sites and ask them to come back. Let's send out an e-mail inviting the people we banned to rehash why they were banned (huh?) and include a donation link. We'll let you back in if you make a donation, see.

    How stupid do they think we are?

  21. Jeepers it's late. I've been combing through this site, hunting for comments, and found the hidden "gems."

    Alas, I remember when Team Sarah was this stimulating and funny.

    How times have changed.

    I don't know who you are, and I don't care. Thanks for sending me the link to this site.

  22. ROTHFLMAO! One of the most coherent and articulate posters in the forum turns out to be Audrey from Oh, how I wish she would have stayed just a little longer. She was flat out exposing AD-Scott.

  23. There was a time when Audrey, "joan," could openly argue her POV w/o being stalked, harassed, and banned. I don't blame her for flaming out. The attacks were getting quite personal and the deck was stacked against her. Now on to the fun stuff:


    EXPERIMENT 1: Upadarian Bananas

    Method: A TEXaz PRNCESS monkey, TPmonkey, observed to have a particularly strong penchant for bananas is given a choice - she can continue her standard ration of one banana per day or she can give up bananas in exchange for an unlimited supply of a revolutionary product called Upadaria Banana. Unable to resist the lure of this perpetual bounty, the TPmonkey throws caution to the wind and eschews her regular banana in favor of Upadaria Banana, which, unbeknownst to TPmonkey, is not actually a banana but a cake of hard-packed baking soda inside a banana peel.
    Results: Initially, the TPmonkey is revolted by Upadaria Banana and enters a prolonged period of depression, eying her fellow-monkeys and their tasty bananas with a doleful expression. But, after a few months, the TPmonkey gets used to Upadaria Banana, and by the end of the year she has become a vigorous proselyte, extolling the energetic, spiritual, and colonic properties of Upadaria Banana, while disparaging the musty tropical reek of traditional bananas. After a year, the TPmonkey refuses to so much as touch a regular banana, and repeatedly proclaims that switching to Upadaria Banana was the best decision she ever made.

    EXPERIMENT 2: Judaism

    Method: An American Dog~Scott monkey, ADSmonkey, is introduced to a gorgeous female research assistant with a sarcastic edge that some would call harsh but he finds wholly endearing. Early in the relationship, the research assistant informs the ADSmonkey that, as much as she loves him, she cannot marry him unless he converts to Judaism. Undaunted, the ADSmonkey seeks out a rabbi and thrusts himself into the arduous, several-year process of Orthodox conversion. Then, fifteen months into the conversion classes, the research assistant suddenly dumps the ADSmonkey, explaining that he has "changed."
    Results: Heartbroken, the ADSmonkey withdraws from everything that reminds him of the research assistant, denouncing Judaism and claiming that he never really liked Malaysian Expressionist cinema. But, in a few weeks, the ADSmonkey is back with his rabbi, having determined that his spiritual journey was independent of the relationship and that he owes himself to see it through. Following his conversion, the ADSmonkey throws himself into Jewish life - running for treasurer at a small progressive temple in New Rochelle and contributing an online column to the magazine "Hadassah - before falling in love with an Episcopalian underwear model he met during intermission at the Israel Philharmonic.

  24. Check out the Global Warming thread. ADScott has deleted his incriminating posts to joan under the pretense "I have remove my posts to her, so the integrity of the thread may be preserved."

    Too late, Jethro, we all saw it.

    How are the donations coming along?

    Money talks. Ask SarahPAC. It's all going there.

    You can thank the zealots.

  25. Darn! He didn't take the bait. Paranoia?

    And that name, Cecelala. Is it cute?

    Or is it regression?

    Look at her avatar.

    Look closely at her eyes.

    What a wreck.

  26. Excerpt from Biruta Margone's (aka Pilgrim's) diary:

    Dear Diary,

    April 15th, 2009, need to write fast, big trouble at the tea party.

    "i'll have a rudy's special, no. 3," the skeleton said to the man behind the counter. then he turned to me, "can you believe those mets?" the talking skeleton asked. "have you ever seen such a pathetic choke in your life?" the talking skeleton's teeth made a kind of clacking sound as he talked, and his nose holes had some not yet decomposed cartilage hanging from them, and a single ant was walking around the inside of one of his eye sockets, counterclockwise.

    normally, i'm a bit shy about talking to people, much less to skeletons fresh from the grave, so i just nodded in agreement.

    then the skeleton went on about what a dumb idea it was for the mets to hire rickey henderson as a base-running coach, especially after the incident back in '99, when he played cards in the clubhouse, and so on.

    and then I thought, what's a met? who is ricky henderson? what's a base-running coach? what's a clubhouse? this was devilment for sure.

    here comes the skeleton! must run again....

  27. Oops. That one didn't last long. Cecelala is back to hiding her eyes and braying at the camera.

  28. How much longer are we going to stay on here? The newsletter said a lot of you were shifting to the "next" blog but no ones posted anything on it yet. Did I get a bad link? Could someone e-mail it out again.

  29. let it conservatives4palin or the official sarah palin fan club.



  30. Rumor is they got a bunch of "dead" members only NING groups ready for public viewing. One things certain, don't eff with cubs.

  31. I love this thread!!! LOL!!!