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The "battle of the plains" has begun. Enter: The Freedomist Shadow Government

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Joining Protocol
by vusalive on Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:40 pm

Here is the PROPER format for JOINING the Shadow Government...

Your Name (Real Name, we are REAL people)
Your State, County, and Congressional District (even if you are not "shadowing" anyone from there)
Your PRIMARY Shadow Position (Title, district if applicable, name of individual, and their Party)
Up to TWO Secondary Shadow Positions
Your Caucus

Then ANSWER the following:

Would you be interested in being an Administrator for the Capitol facility (these forums)?

a. researching information, for instance, regarding applicable Senate rules or Constitutional requirements

b. moderator and managing the forums

c. heading up a group or caucus d. helping to PROMOTE

e. creating a Shadow Media to track the media and write "news" from member posts

f. NOPE!

Here is MY POST:

Bill Collier
PA, Perry County, 9th District
Primary Shadow Post: PA Governor Ed Rendel (D)
Secondary Posts: PA 9th District Congressman Bill Schuster (R)
PA Senior Senator, Arlen Specter (R)
Caucus: Bull Moose GOP
Admin Function: items a-e

Political Caucuses
by vusalive on Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:56 pm

All Freedomists in general agree that government should be limited, especially at the Federal and State level, and they agree with the principles that individual, private groups, and local communities should have much more decision making power and ownership than any state or Federal Government. Freedomists oppose "One Big System" (OBS) and prefer to see a situation where 80% of everything that happens within a 30 mile radius or less of your house is controlled by YOU and by decisions YOU directly participated in making as an "ELECTOR" who has the power to act as a legislator and a jurist within their own community.

WHAT Freedomists want to DO with this Freedom, Freedom of self government and self taxation, may and will vary from individual to individual, private group to private group, and community to community. The best ideas will rise and be proven by results, not by mere rhetoric. In a nation of 300 MILLION people there is not and cannot be a ONE SIZE FITS ALL solution to political organization, social policy, civil law, and etc...

ALL Caucuses agree with the BASIC premises of Freedomism, as described above. Some of the POLITICAL CAUCUSES include:

Kennedy Democrats- these folks includes PUMAs, Blue Dog Democrats.

Bull Moose GOP- conservative Republicans (fiscal and social conservatives who believe in limited government, a free market, a strong national defense but who ALSO beleive that "sustainability" is freedom)

Libertarian Freedomists- people who believe in absolute individual freedom without any moral constraint by any government where the non-Aggression principle, equal opportunity, and free association are the sole parameters of a free society

Constitutional Freedomists- Freedomists who believe in creating or living in some form of a Christian commonwealth, whether as a private group, an intentional community, and or a local community with a super-majority of Christians

Independent Freedomists- Freedomists who agree with the above premises of Freedomism but who do not wish to associate with any one caucus.

Freedomists do not believe in or propose any sort of utopia or one size fits all solution, Freedomists will seek to find the BEST solution for each community through a process of consensus building and while each private group has absolute internal sovereignty, local communities must always protect the right of dissension, allow those who are in the minority or opposition to have a "opt out", and never force anyone to remain as a member.

The objective of Freedomism is, simply, to give individual SPACE they can control, directly in their home and indirectly by the association they choose privately and by exercising their right to participate in local self government and self taxation as a legislator and a jurist in their own community.

A SAMPLE Freedomist Compact
by vusalive on Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:06 pm

What is a Freedomist?

Below is a "Compact" which would be used by LOCAL Freedomist Clubs. This compact will give you a good idea of a Freedomist is and the general approach we are taking to enhance our self reliance, our sovereignty, and our independence from big government and the planned economy.....

A Freedomist Compact
(For local Clubs)

I commit myself to uphold the sovereignty and independence of every member of my
community and my nation, these United States of America, against all threats of all kinds to anyone’s rights, persons, and property.

I commit myself to defend and uphold the Declaration of Independence as the originating authority for this nation and to the Constitution in all of its details and original intentions to promote a free society in which individuals, private associations, and local communities have maximum creative and legal authority and where States first and then the Federal government hold the least amount of creative and legal authority.

I commit myself to act, in whatever capacity is possible, as a Watchdog, as an Advocate, and as a Resource using local, regional, state, and national Freedomist NewsBlogs and other means to inform, persuade, motivate, and organize other Americans until more and more Americans choose to live and act as Freeholders who OWN their life, their private associations, and their local communities instead of letting “One Big System” beyond their control ACT as the owner.

I commit myself to meet with and work with fellow Freeholders within a local, regional, state, or national Freedomist Club, via online and in person means, to mutually assure one another of help and mutual protection in time of crisis, emergency, trouble, or great need and to cooperate and even compete in order to advance the cause of Freedom and the inherent RIGHTS of Freeholders as we become dependent on ourselves, interdependent of people we CHOOSE to associate with, and independent of everyone and everything we CHOOSE not to associate with.

I commit myself to participate in a Freedomist Town Meeting in which all Freeholders, (ALL men and women are Freeholders instead of JUST being taxpayers, employees, and consumers) to debate issues and concern, to address grievances and demand redress, and to issue instructions to DELEGATES (any and all elected or appointed official) which we will, as a group, publish to all Electors and which we will hold them accountable to. I further agree to NOT
give any support of any kind, including my vote, to any Delegate who fails to act in accordance to these Instructions

To Our Delegates at least 60% to 70% of the time.

I commit myself to all means of peaceful and Constitutional redress of grievances and of assertions of my rights and the protection of the rights, persons, and property of fellow Freedomists and of all Americans to the utmost of my ability using all the resources and assets at hand.

Will you JOIN us and support our work for only $5 every 3 months?

If you are FED UP with the FEDS, SHADOW THEM!
by vusalive on Tue Nov 11, 2008 6:45 pm

If you are FED UP with the FEDS, SHADOW THEM!

We need to get back to basics folks, all the fancy gadgets and software won’t save us, we need to START on a foundation of AVERAGE FOLKS simply shadowing the people who run our Federal Government: read their websites and blogs and press releases and Google them daily, copy and paste snippets or write your own report, TELL US what YOU would do if you were them, and maintain a “Topic” within a relevant forum with their contact information, links to news items about them, and your assessment of their votes and actions.

There are LOTS of things we can do building on this foundation, but let’s keep this simple and direct.

If you are FED UP WITH THE FEDS, as we are, then SHADOW THEM!

We are FORMING a “SHADOW GOVERNMENT IN EXILE” for Americans who are opposed to a Big Government and a Planned Economy over at who agree with the following pledge:

“I pledge to uphold the Constitution of these United States of America as well as the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Freedomist Principles of limited government with maximum local control the principles of economic freedom, the sovereignty of every member in my community, the right of free association for every private group, club, church, or business, and the absolute local autonomy of my community as a Free Society in which almost ALL decisions that affect local people are made by local people for local people.”

Here’s the way it works:

1. You join a CAUCUS, our version of political parties, except these are for Freedomists who happen to be liberals, conservative, democrats, republicans, independents, and etc. who agree that whatever their beliefs or ideology they agree that LOCAL communities and individuals should jave MOST of the political or “civic” authority and that the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are the LITERAL law of the land

2. You CHOOSE a person to Shadow. You can CHOOSE any elected official, including your Governor, your Senators, or your Representative (you cannot choose any official if you do not live in the state or district they represent) or you can choose any Judge from the Circuit courts of appeals and higher (again, must be in your area), any Member of the Executive branch, or any member of the Federal Reserve System.

If you are an elected official and you agree with our pledge, OR or if you merely want to interact with the People, please join and interact or have someone from your office join.

As a “shadow” officials, e.g. a “Shadow Governor” or “Shadow Senator” you are the shadow of that person, you will follow their doings, copy snippets in your Topic Area, write what YOU would do, and even, as we get going, contact them to do an interview or to have questions answered (you will describe yourself as a Reporter for the American Freedomist Network, a network of News Blogs and Cyber News Radio Shows that reaches over 75,000 people per month).

All you have to do is FOCUS on that person and if other people want to shadow them, you can form a “Shadow Committee” who will support your efforts (look out, however, Shadow Committees will ELECT the shadow official once that have more than 2 members).

You can choose up to THREE officials to shadow until someone comes along who wishes to shadow one of them, whereupon you will have to decide

3. You can decide to participate on the Admin side of the Government by managing any forums, blogs, or etc. that are associated with the Shadow Government with opportunities for profit sharing based on subscriptions sold, premium memberships, and ad revenue.

YOU DO NOT have to be a “shadow” to JOIN the Virtual USA Shadow Government. You can simply be a Citizen and join Shadow Committees for your Governor, your Senators, and your Congressional District where Shadow Governors, Senators, and Representatives will work with you to stay focused on what these people do and where you will be able to, as we grow, participate in writing INSTRUCTIONS to these officials which we will deliver to them via fax, email, letter, or in person.

4. RUN FOR PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, or SUPREME COURT Justice! Once we have at least 100 members we will hold an election for Shadow President, Shadow Vice President, and Shadow Supreme Court Justice who will each serve a 30 day term, with a maximum of 4 terms in a year.

MORE will follow, for now, let’s just keep it SIMPLE: go to and JOIN. Once you join, go here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2

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  1. I can only hazard a guess about the nature of this madness. Bill is dreaming the Great Spy's Dream. He imagines himself at the Spies' Big Table, playing the world's game. Gradually, the gap between the dream and the reality became too much for him to bear, and one day he decided to fill it. He needed a believer, so the religious zealots at TS got the job.

    The superbug of espionage madness is not confined to individual cases. It flourishes in its collective form, like the TS religious zealots. Never mind how many times Bill trips over his cloak and leaves his dagger at Starbucks, the spy can do no wrong in their eyes.

    This post, like the ideas espoused by the TS forum clique, is colossal bullshit.