Bill Collier: Gays are not people

Earlier today, in the chatroom at

If you are shocked that this could happen at a site funded by the Susan B Anthony PAC, don't be.  It happens all the time.  More of Bill's thoughts on homosexuality here:

As a newspaper publisher and a Christian I am appalled at the attack on our values which the homosexual lobby is undertaking and I am equally appalled at the extremely weak response opponents of this assault are offering.

I sincerely hope that somehow you read this brief missive and that SOMEONE on the right side of the marriage issue realizes, before it is too late, that merely seeking a constitutional amendment is not good enough.

We know that we cannot make an ex post facto law, and we know that the courts are likely to "legalize" gay marriage LONG before we can get an amendment passed. 

Once the amendment passes, IF it passes, our enemies will still be able to use the courts to stop it from being enforced:

1. they will argue that the amendment cannot negate the "marriages" which were ALREADY legalized 2. they will use the 9th amendment to argue that you cannot pass an amendment that violates the already established rights enjoyed by the people, e.g. by limiting the homosexual's right to marry.

As a corollary to this attack they will attempt to have language added to this amendment which "allows" states the right to institute "civil unions", which are nothing other than marriage by another name, and thus cram that down everyone's throats.

My basic premise is that if we do not stop the homosexual lobby dead in its tracks and do so very soon we will already have lost the battle and once the genie is out nothing will get it back in the bottle.

There is an ignored portion of the Constitution which we can apply and which President Bush should be invoking quickly.

Article 4 section four of the Constitution lays out a right that supersedes the Bill of Rights itself, and that is our right to a "Republican form of government". Moreover, article four section four actually states that "The United States shall guarantee a Republican form of government" for the states.

Under this provision therefore the actions by renegade courts and mayors violate the right of that state to a republican form of government because they flaunt and disregard the clear will of the people and they overstep their legal authority.

What this means is that the judges in Mass. or anywhere else that fail to uphold the law or that legislates from the bench can and must be physically removed from office by their respective state governments if possible and by the federal power if necessary.

By going for the amendment we are de facto saying that the courts CAN, whether we like it or not, legislate from the bench. I suppose we shall need a flood of such amendments but in reality the real problem is the courts themselves and unless we apply the power of consequences to their over reaching then in every battle we will lose, just as we are about to lose this battle.

I urge you and all conservative leaders to vocalize a stronger message and to utilize this provision in an argument for the removal, by force if necessary, of these renegade judges who so clearly and blatantly violate our most sacred right to a Republican form of government.

Bill Collier

So much for Christian utopian societies.


  1. As a happily married, heterosexual female with cubs, and conservative, I can honestly say a homosexual marriage is not a threat to my marriage. Come to think of it, a million homosexual marriages would not be a threat to my marriage. I believe Bill wrote the above, however, I do not believe he is the imbecile in your screen capture. That's him in the photo, granted, but I know you "put words in his mouth." Now the American Dog~Scott persona is another story.

    And, exactly, who is American Dog~Scott?

    (a). The TS member who was convicted with having an affair with a woman half his age who said he beat her?
    (b). The TS member who had to promise to stop making dozens of unwanted advances towards female avatars?
    (c). The male prostitute who ran a brothel from Representative Barney Frank's basement.
    (d). The prostitute whose toes the Clinton adviser Dick Morris sucked.
    (e). The screen name used by Representative Mark Foley when he sent instant messages to a teen-age page in which he repeatedly discussed masturbation and penis size.
    (f), The name of the Great Dane that was killed by a gunman thought to have been hired by the Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe, who had an affair with the dog's owner, a male model.
    (g). The TS member censured by the SBA List for having affairs with seventeen-year-old street children, one female and one male.
    (h). The TS member who referred to the retirement community Leisure World as "Seizure World."
    (i). The TS member who, at thirteen, yelled "Fuck this" when he bowled poorly, prompting his mother to make him go sit in the car.
    (j). The TS member who, as a toddler, if he didn't get his way he'd hold his breath until he fainted.
    (k). The TS member who, when he was a boy, liked to blow up frogs with firecrackers.

  2. (l). Bill Collier.

  3. As someone who was in a 12 year relationship with Bill Collier's identical twin, I can tell you that Bill Collier enjoyed sex with male (transsexuals) when he still lived in his mom's house on 13th Street in Harrisburg.

    He had sex with a transsexual named Jan on at least one (probably more) occasions before he joined the navy.

    So this is all super hypocritical.

    Further, when I was in that longterm relationship with his (very hot and wonderfully creative) twin, he would flirt with me (do things like flash his penis at me).

    However, I believe his reasons for doing this were not sexual attraction, but more the intent to inject dissonance in our relationship so he could win his twin back into his grades and brainwash him back to right wing thinking. Because his twin was totally left wing the whole time he was in a relationship and sleeping next to me.

    And none of my own doing! He was the political thinker...not I...

    And I was proud of him.

    But when Billy got his little brainwashing hands on my lover he turned him into a right wing clone thinker.

    Tra la.