Bill Collier: An American Freedomist

What is a Freedomist, you might ask? Well, none of the online dictionaries have any clue, and neither do I. I'm supposing it's something like an Islamist, which FOX News defines as "a bad person who believes in Islam". So a Freedomist must be a bad person who believes in freedom! Journalism major, here I come!

Before going any further, you should be familiar with several Freedomist sites of note -

So, how does one become a Freedomist? Easy! Simply be able to recite this pledge:

“I pledge to uphold the Constitution of these United States of America as well as the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Freedomist Principles of limited government with maximum local authority exercised by The People. I pledge to uphold the principles of economic freedom through a Free Market. I further pledge to uphold the sovereignty of every member of my community, the right of free association for every private group, club, church, or business, and the absolute local autonomy of my community as a Free Society in which almost ALL decisions that affect local people are made by local people for local people.”

If you can recite that without losing the will to live, you've made it to phase 2! Simply send Bill $45 a month to receive... well, something... and you're a real Freedomist!

But wait! Not just anyone can do that and call themselves a Freedomist. There are standards for this sort of thing. Let's examine:

Being a member of this community means a commitment to mutual respect.

1. Respect of the rights of others irrespective of their race, creed, party or any humanitarian ideology.

2. Respect for the right of free association means abiding by the community standards of any group you join.

3. Bear witness to misconduct, civilly letting the community hold them accountable while maintaining your dignity.

4. Liberty and Justice for All, even those with whom we disagree.

Thank you for your support-
Freedom Congress Management

As you can see, you aren't allowed to go around disrespecting non-Freedomists. This includes stalking journalists and oppressing immigrants, for those new to the Freedomist philosophy.

I hope your first look at Freedomistism has been an informative one, and I'm sure some of you still have questions. How will the Freedomists achieve their plans? What will become of everyone who isn't a Freedomist?

This and more, soon.

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