Who is Bill Collier?

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In the beginning: The Upadarian Dream

Much is unknown about Bill, other than his current involvement with a bazillion right-wing blogs. But where did it all begin? How did it all start?

Let's start with the short bio at the now-defunct

In the spirit of self-sufficiency (through God), which is a major part of William R. Collier, Jr.'s philosophy, he has run a number of self-owned businesses, including a ceramic shop, ran local newspapers, earned an insurance license, and currently has a marketing/consulting business, Kross Publishing.

His experience in missions work and evangelizing started in 1987 when he designed and ran a discipleship program while working in U.S. Navy Intelligence (1987-1991).

He has also been a drama team director for his local church, helped plant a church, served on the Mission Board of his church and also serves as an advisor to the local women's AGLOW program (also through his church).

He has conducted numerous Christian seminars through the years.

His goals, while running his evangelical outreach programs, have been to see new converts get baptized and out street preaching within 90 days.

His programs have consistently achieved a 70% retention rate amongst new converts.

At present, he is at work designing a new outreach program for the inner city part of Harrisburg, Pa.

He currently lives and writes in Marysville, Pa, along with his wife, Dora, and his two children, Arthur and Billy.

Living the American Dream™, Bill sought to help others acheive success with his Bible study programs. After carefully detailing his utopian society's pyramid scheme, Bill offers to send you ebooks and other information on his mentoring program.

If there's one thing you should know about Bill, it's that he likes to sell his knowledge. A lot. In fact, this becomes a recurring theme in all of his sites - over 20 at the time of this writing. More on those later.

Bill continues his work with thejesuscommunity.com, a site for people who are Christian and enjoy downloading PDFs. Are you not Christian or do you not enjoy downloading PDFs? You wouldn't understand.

Finally, we come to upadaria.com, the realm of Upadarians or unicorns or something. What's a Upadarian? Why, it's someone in a Field of Dreams community! A Field of Dreams community is a virtual community composed of nutcases. Think somewhere between Second Life and the movie "The Net".

Field of Dreams Communities has been around since 1999 when John Graham, the Chairman, started doing his daily "Field of Dreams" email, sending it to family, friends, and associates. Over time John started growing that list and as his readers expressed interests of all types, he started to create various groups or them to "meet" in, sending every group a daily "Field of Dreams" email and letting them have their own conversations.

John Graham was a professional baseball Manager for Minor League teams, a sports caster on radio, the owner of a Rest Home, and even the youngest Party Chairman ever for a major city party organization, the Hampton Roads area GOP. graham continues to be active as a newspaper writer and businessman and is considering a bid for the State Senate where he lives.

By 2002 the current leaders of Field of Dreams Communities came together with John and formed Field of Dreams Communities. These members included Bill Collier, Paul Collier, Dean Chambers and John Graham. Other participants in some of our communities of note included Bruce Murray, Terry Taylor, Darrel Lucus, Mike McGee and many others who came and went.

While FODC (Field of Dreams Communities) has always been multidimensional, our focus in 2002 was on "political simulations". At the time, we had maybe 1,000 members spread throughout 100 or so groups. Our "flagship" community was "Virtual USA" a political simulation based on Yahoo Groups which became the largest and the most active political simulation on Yahoo Groups with over 700 members, with a full Presidential cabinet, Supreme Court, and Senate and with over 200 House Seats filled.

Other projects which were offshoots of these communities include the privately owned "Great Leagues" community which is owned by Dean Chambers.
http://www.greatleagues.com/ is a community for people who play online games and who use "BUX", digital currency, to enter tournaments and win "prizes". Dean provides the platform and the custom designed software for their community and has free and paid subscribers.

The latest project to "spin off" of FODC is The American Freedomist Network and its "Freedomist Congress USA" along with American Freedomist Radio and The Freedomist Party USA.

The AFN is being developed as a corporation with shares owned by FODC, by Jena's Digital Empire, Kross Publishing, The Ecklesia 21 Society, The Freedomist Party USA, and investors as well as, eventually, franchise owners who gain "vested" status.

The Freedomist Congress USA is being set up as a corporation that will be owned by Club Owners, investors, The AFN itself, and by its paid subscribers. The FCUSA is designed to "Shadow" the "Delegates" to Congress and to create a "Shadow Government" of sorts for Freedomists which will implement their vision of a limited government and maximum individual sovereignty with local control.

The Freedomist Party USA is going to be a 527 Organization owned by its dues paying members with the aim in mind of advocating for the RIGHTS of individuals, private associations and businesses, and local communities by means of influencing politicians and political parties according to the precepts of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The FPUSA is NOT a "Political Party" so much as a "coalition" of "caucuses" which include Democrats, Republicans, Constitutionalists, and Independents.

Christian members of Field of Dreams Communities have long had our "Upadaria" Group. Upadaria is a "virtual" homeland for Christian Freedomists who want a more simple Christian life and who beleive in Christian Community that is operated by The Ecklesia 21 Society International. The E21SI is a fraternal society for Christian Freedomists around the world. The American "Society" is called "the Upadarian Society of America" (USA) after its virtual homeland.

Paul Collier created "NovusNow", a group that focused on sustainability and new technology, which has evolved into The Sovereignty Union (
http://www.sovereigntyunion.org/) which is based on the premise that sustainability is sovereignty. This group has over 200 members from around the world.

The number of Field of Dreams Communities has grown over the years, and so have the number of subscribers to our groups. Today, well over 10,000 Americans and 2,000 or so people from around the world receive The Field of Dreams Today in their email box. These members belong to around 1500 different groups and clubs on Google groups, Yahoo group, MSN groups, and elsewhere.

We will be MIGRATING our members and our groups to this network, and we will be upgrading it, first through our own branding, and then by purchasing customized software from the NING platform to add features and improvements, including, for instance, a "mail to form" feature that will enable you to use email to create forum topics, read them, and reply and a forum system and groups system that allows for up to 12 levels of sub-categories.

We want to thank ALL the THOUSANDS of people who have made Field of Dreams Communities "America's Online Community" and all the many who even today, as moderators, group members, and group owners, make FODC a place where you can make friends, meet new people, and express yourself in countless ways.

The Field of Dreams Communities Board of Directors
John graham, Chairman
Bill Collier, Vice Chairman (Communications)
Paul Collier, Vice Chairman (Multimedia)
Dean Chambers (IT and Cyber Security)

Are you scared? You probably should be.

On fundraising and the Republican Party

After several years and his dreams of a Christian utopia going unrealized, Bill did what most people do in his situation: he turned to conservatism. Yes, Bill's plans included everything from tweeting the conservative revolution to exposing Nancy Pelosi and T. Boone Pickens as part of the New World Order. He was quickly realizing that as a conservative, the world stood against him. How were conservatives ever going to achieve their goals when George Soros and the liberal bloggers stood in their way?

Bill quickly hatched
a plan:

Angry Americans are waking up again to another manufactured scandal that is designed to deny us our free speech and deceive voters into electing secular socialists to office. The Foley scandal is about one man, but the Soros-MoveOn crowd want Americans to vote against Republicans because of what this one man did. The Soros Goons, storm troopers for socialism and secularism and the most unthinkable moral depravity, want us to believe all Republicans are evil and then ignore the moral degeneracy and secular socialism of the Democrats.

These goons lie about us, deny the rights of their opponents through unethical behavior and slander, and deny voters the right to make informed decisions by lying about what the real Democratic agenda is.

Today you win with noise and to make noise, via radio, TV, Print, and the Internet, you need lots and lots of cold hard cash.

Soros may be a billionaire but if only 20 million angry Americans, and surely there are 20 million angry Americans, would pony up $30 per month we would throw over $7.2 billion PER year into this fight and literally overwhelm the enemy with our “noise”.

There are many organizations we can fund. We could literally fund our very own news service with Internet, TV, radio, and print news! We could reach every single US Household at least 7 different times every single month! When the media goes on a feeding frenzy after US we can turn the tables and start to dig into THEIR closets showing their connection to these thugs. We can fund lawsuits against the media for violating campaign finance law because they behave as an adjunct of the Democrat party. We can fund lawsuits alleging discrimination against conservatives in the entertainment industry, in academia, and in the media.

We need to create a massive fund, supported by people like you and me who give $30 per month and every single conservative organization can urge people to support that fund. This fund can be governed by our leaders and affiliate groups, a sort of United Way for conservative causes. People could even choose which groups they want to fund or which activities sort of like people do now with the United Way. All conservative radio hosts could do campaigns or telethons urging people to contribute to this fund.

The fund could then create a news service without equal which could involve News Max, WorldNetDaily, CNS News, Agape News, other similar news services, and local conservative-owned newspapers or radio stations. Imagine an editorial board that consists of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mike Reagan, Mike Gallagher, Glenn Beck, and other great conservative voices!

How could such a fund be created? Simply create a 527 organization that is owned by "member groups”, the groups who will be eligible for funding from this 527. Here’s my problem: NOBODY IS LISTENING. If you like this idea, spread it, ask people who know people to send it to them with their strong recommendation. If you like this idea, send me an email (Upadaria@yahoo.com) and tell me you would be willing to give $30 per month once such a group is created. If we have, for instance, 10,000 people saying they would be willing to pledge $30 per month then maybe our leaders will see how serious we are.

We have two choices my friends; to arms or to prison. I don’t like closed spaces, so I say TO ARNS AMERICANS! Let’s take our media, our entertainment industry, and our schools back from these leftist goons!

I beg of you, angry Americans, pls forward this message far and wide. If you want to be a point of contact for people who would commit to contribute to a Conservative version of The United Way then, I BEG you, pls put in your email and stay in touch with me so we can tabulate the number of people who are committed (and then we can contact then).

If you think you can organize such an effort, let me know. This is not about me or you, it is about standing up against the enemy. We MUST do something concrete and we must do it right now.

If these goons take the House, they will be more emboldened to keep this nonsense up until everyone is afraid to question them in any way. Do you want to see a day when the same storm trooper tactics they use in Hollywood or our schools to silence us are commonplace? Do you want to see the day come when blog writers who don’t tow their party line are harassed, slandered, and “investigated” every time they expose the lies of our enemy?

We have the means to win in our hands, we can funnel far more resources into our causes then they can. Remember, Soros got his money from people like us through his sleazy exploitation and tax dodges. Let’s stat sending our money to our causes on a systematic basis.

Forward this email far and wide, and then write personally to people you know and ask them to do the same.

If we can’t get at least 10,000 signatures of people who say “I will give $30 per month” then our side doesn’t deserve to win.

HELP ME TO GET THIS OUT and don’t be shy!

We can win if we want to!

BTW I am committed to giving $30 per month to such an organization as soon as we have 1,000 signatures. Are you?

Bill Collier

Yes, once he had collected enough money from angry Americans, Bill would begin the revolution. But there was one problem:

The money never came.

How would the Republican Party ever succeed if they failed to expose the liars on the left? Why did those Republicans elected to office never uphold their promises? What happened to the Contract With America and the permanent Republican majority?

With the failure of the Republican Party to act, something had to be done.

A new party had to be formed.

Bill Collier: An American Freedomist

What is a Freedomist, you might ask? Well, none of the online dictionaries have any clue, and neither do I. I'm supposing it's something like an Islamist, which FOX News defines as "a bad person who believes in Islam". So a Freedomist must be a bad person who believes in freedom! Journalism major, here I come!

Before going any further, you should be familiar with several Freedomist sites of note -

So, how does one become a Freedomist? Easy! Simply be able to recite this pledge:

“I pledge to uphold the Constitution of these United States of America as well as the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Freedomist Principles of limited government with maximum local authority exercised by The People. I pledge to uphold the principles of economic freedom through a Free Market. I further pledge to uphold the sovereignty of every member of my community, the right of free association for every private group, club, church, or business, and the absolute local autonomy of my community as a Free Society in which almost ALL decisions that affect local people are made by local people for local people.”

If you can recite that without losing the will to live, you've made it to phase 2! Simply send Bill $45 a month to receive... well, something... and you're a real Freedomist!

But wait! Not just anyone can do that and call themselves a Freedomist. There are standards for this sort of thing. Let's examine:

Being a member of this community means a commitment to mutual respect.

1. Respect of the rights of others irrespective of their race, creed, party or any humanitarian ideology.

2. Respect for the right of free association means abiding by the community standards of any group you join.

3. Bear witness to misconduct, civilly letting the community hold them accountable while maintaining your dignity.

4. Liberty and Justice for All, even those with whom we disagree.

Thank you for your support-
Freedom Congress Management

As you can see, you aren't allowed to go around disrespecting non-Freedomists. This includes stalking journalists and oppressing immigrants, for those new to the Freedomist philosophy.

I hope your first look at Freedomistism has been an informative one, and I'm sure some of you still have questions. How will the Freedomists achieve their plans? What will become of everyone who isn't a Freedomist?

This and more, soon.

Freedomists: On The March

Membership in the AFN

We have, at present, THREE types of membership: Basic Membership, Premium Membership, and Sponsors


You can JOIN The American Freedomist Network for FREE and receives lots of great FREE benefits. AFN Members have the following benefits:

1. Receive an AM and PM Daily Update about AFN Radio and the Freedomist movement in general and about organizations, blog, radio shows, and etc. that are members of the our Blog Network or the AFN Radio Network

2. FREE Membership for “mutual promotion” in our Blog Network or our Radio Network to help you reach over 10,000 people per week through our Daily AM and PM Updates

3. FREE basic membership in the Virtual USA Shadow Government In Exile where you can become a Shadow Senator, Shadow Congressman, Shadow Judge, Shadow Governor, Shadow Cabinet Member, or Chairman of a County Town Meeting as well as where you can RUN for President, Vice President, or Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

4. Access to products and services for MEMBER’S only including a MARKETPLACE for AFN Members (classifieds where you can post items for sale or barter) and premium products, including becoming a Subscriber to The American Freedomist

We do not sell subscriptions to non-members, ONLY AFN Members can subscribe to The American Freedomist!

How do you join?

Simply JOIN our “Freedomist Party USA”, a “non-party”, where you will receive our UPDATES, where you will learn about what we are doing, and where you will be able to discuss issues from a limited government, free market, individual sovereignty, and local autonomy perspective with other Freedomists across the nation and across the “political spectrum”.

JOIN HERE: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FPUSA

After December 15, 2008 we will NO LONGER send our DALY updates to any individual who is NOT subscribed to the FPUSA group. If you subscribe there and select SPECIAL NOTICES you will receive the UPDATES but will not receive all the messages people exchange. We will REMOVE any individual who is has selected NO EMAIL.

The BENEFITS of being a Freedomist will not be extended to anyone who is not a member of the FPUSA after December 15, 2008.


Here’s what you get:

1. Weekly “Secret Intel” on national political news and international news with a focus on understanding root causes, relationships and connections, and possible future developments all in relation to protecting your rights, your person, and your property

2. POSTING privileges in our VirtualUSA.com Classified and Auction section which will be MARKETED to the general public

3. A Free “E-Book” every month which will be geared towards entrepreneurial ideas and opportunities, ways to be an effective Activist Elector, and ways to improve your quality of life while protecting your rights, your person, and your property

4. Access to a “member’s only” area where you will learn how to go “beyond web 2.0” by focusing on using the internet as a marketing and communications tool to build human relationships with LOCAL people who share your beliefs, values, interests, and goals

5. ALERTS targeting YOUR specific County, Congressional District, and State or the NATION whenever a THREAT emerges against your rights, person, or property, and whenever OPPORTUNITIES or new resources, tools, or organizations emerge that prove to be useful and successful in the fight for Freedom

6. An INCOME Opportunity as a LOCAL “Club Builder”: you can secure local SPONSORS and resell subscriptions to the American Freedomist and to a local “Freedomist Club” which will combine virtual tools with LOCAL activities to enable sovereign individuals to assert their freedom and their Civic Authority as the Legislators and Jurists in their community

7. A “Premium” membership in VUSALIVE’s “Shadow Government” which entitles you to a Regular seat in the House of Representatives (however, if 70% of your Town Meeting members vote to remove you for malfeasance or if you become inactive, you will be removed) and also a BLOG related to your Congressional District (the address will be www.afn50.com/yourstate/ your district number or, as an example, www.afn50.com/PA/17)

8. Membership within The American Freedomist Board of Advisors which will debate issues we should be covering and help advise us regarding editorial policy and features and functions we need to add to our network

9. DISCOUNTS on other programs

The PRICE for this service is only $45 per year however this service is ONLY available to members of The American Freedomist Network however, if you go to http://blog.freedomist.info/subscribe you can STILL get the $5 every three months deal UNTIL we have finished installing the auction site, the classified site, and finishing afn.com and vusalive.com. If you SUBSCRIBE NOW you will be LOCKED IN at that price!


AFN National Sponsorship

We have already received interest and commitments for our $95 every three months program that leads to profit sharing based on participation and eventual “vested ownership” of SHARES.
Here is the deal folks.

You PLUG IN to a role within the AFN helping us with a specific project or with back-room work such as research, promoting the AFN, or technical support. You participate by SUBSCRIBING to our National Sponsorship Program and by investing 15 or so hours per week or more.

As we SELL sponsorships, subscribers, premium memberships in Freedomist Clubs, and Club Builder subscriptions we SHARE 30% of our profits with participants based on their level of participation over a 90 day period. We are setting up a PHPProjekt site for these National Sponsors who pay $95 every three months and who participate by investing TIME.

What do these Sponsors receive?

1. A FREE Subscription to The America Freedomist

2. FREE Web-hosting for up to 5 domains with free installations of WordPress MU for one domain (we charge an extra $150 to move your old articles and build the structure of your Blog)

3. A Special Spot in our Resource Directory for up to three entities you want to promote

4. Profit sharing based on level of participation (we will share 30% of our profits with participants)

5. FREE membership in the Club Builder Program if you wish to develop a local NewsBlog (covers areas with around 30,000 or so people)

6. RESELL rights to the American Freedomist ($45 per year), you keep $30 per subscription sold by you or your blog, radio show, and etc.

7. A MONTHLY “Feature Article” in one of our Updates promoting your business, ministry, group, or blog to AT LEAST 10,000 people (we will take your information and turn it into a 700-1200 word feature article)

8. A SPOT in our “Sponsor’s Directory” which will be included on the bottom of every UPDATE

9. A 30-second commercial which will be aired on various AFN Radio Shows (you provide audio, for $100 we will cut the commercial)

10. We will place ads for up to three entities of your choice throughout www.vusalive.com/gov and our Blog (we receive over 3,000 visitors per day to these websites)

This is entirely TAX DEDUCTIBLE as a “Marketing Expense’ for any business or non-profit.

After 6 months, those who average more than 15 hours of work per week will receive VESTED shares as we INCORPORATE the AFN. You will share 30% of the Corporation with all participants, the Freedomist Party USA will own 20%, Jenna’s Digital Empire will own 20%, Kross Publishing will own 20%, and 10% will be owned by “The Jesus Community”, a Christian “Society” which will be owned by participating ministries and churches and which will focus on Christian Civic Action, Preaching the Gospel, and Building Christian Community.

HOW can you sign up?

FIRST you need to JOIN the FPUSA Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/fpusa and www.vusalive.com/gov

SECOND, you need to CHOOSE a role:

1. researcher- we will ask for things we need researched or for regular searches of topics (we specially need help with News Scope, looking for news and links of YOUTUBE or audio files)

2. promoter- we will give you a plan, or build one with you, to promote a specific site or the general site (we will be focusing on virtualusa.com and afn50.com)

3. “property manager”- we have numerous properties you can manage including: conservatives- in-exile, conservative revolution, americanpolitcalblo gs, americansportsblogs , conservatives in exile, BullMooseGOP, Palin4Prez.tv, The Jesus Community and MORE. As a Property manage you post information, manage members, manage a Yahoo Group, and generally keep it looking “active” (NOTE: there is a revenue sharing potential here as we will share 30% of all ad revenue generated wit the Property Manager but this is also more involved)

4. technical support- WordPress experts, HTML experts, web designers, graphics arts designers, Video and Audio experts, and PHP experts can help us to customize our forums, communities, sites, and etc. IN RESPONSE to the wants and demands of our members- we START SIMPLE and VERY BASIC and add features and tools as they are ASKED FOR by members, especially by paying members

5. admin support- we will need people who have business admin and management skills to help with accounting, writing business plans or marketing plans, and handling administrative functions including member relations and customer service

You can choose a PRIMARY area and a secondary area then give us your available schedule.
THIRD Pay the $95 fee to get started, once you approve your ads you will make the first payment...

WHO can join as a Sponsor? You can join as an individual or as a business or non-profit entity and will be billed as you choose, in other words as a business, ministry, or individual. If a group of people form a partnership to share this cost and participate together, we will bill the designated person but we will include the work of ALL “partners” in the profit sharing program.

From here.

The Shadow Government

The "battle of the plains" has begun. Enter: The Freedomist Shadow Government

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Joining Protocol
by vusalive on Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:40 pm

Here is the PROPER format for JOINING the Shadow Government...

Your Name (Real Name, we are REAL people)
Your State, County, and Congressional District (even if you are not "shadowing" anyone from there)
Your PRIMARY Shadow Position (Title, district if applicable, name of individual, and their Party)
Up to TWO Secondary Shadow Positions
Your Caucus

Then ANSWER the following:

Would you be interested in being an Administrator for the Capitol facility (these forums)?

a. researching information, for instance, regarding applicable Senate rules or Constitutional requirements

b. moderator and managing the forums

c. heading up a group or caucus d. helping to PROMOTE VUSALIVE.com

e. creating a Shadow Media to track the media and write "news" from member posts

f. NOPE!

Here is MY POST:

Bill Collier
PA, Perry County, 9th District
Primary Shadow Post: PA Governor Ed Rendel (D)
Secondary Posts: PA 9th District Congressman Bill Schuster (R)
PA Senior Senator, Arlen Specter (R)
Caucus: Bull Moose GOP
Admin Function: items a-e
POST HERE by by STARTING NEW TOPIC http://vusalive.com/gov/posting.php?mode=post&f=2

Political Caucuses
by vusalive on Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:56 pm

All Freedomists in general agree that government should be limited, especially at the Federal and State level, and they agree with the principles that individual, private groups, and local communities should have much more decision making power and ownership than any state or Federal Government. Freedomists oppose "One Big System" (OBS) and prefer to see a situation where 80% of everything that happens within a 30 mile radius or less of your house is controlled by YOU and by decisions YOU directly participated in making as an "ELECTOR" who has the power to act as a legislator and a jurist within their own community.

WHAT Freedomists want to DO with this Freedom, Freedom of self government and self taxation, may and will vary from individual to individual, private group to private group, and community to community. The best ideas will rise and be proven by results, not by mere rhetoric. In a nation of 300 MILLION people there is not and cannot be a ONE SIZE FITS ALL solution to political organization, social policy, civil law, and etc...

ALL Caucuses agree with the BASIC premises of Freedomism, as described above. Some of the POLITICAL CAUCUSES include:

Kennedy Democrats- these folks includes PUMAs, Blue Dog Democrats.

Bull Moose GOP- conservative Republicans (fiscal and social conservatives who believe in limited government, a free market, a strong national defense but who ALSO beleive that "sustainability" is freedom)

Libertarian Freedomists- people who believe in absolute individual freedom without any moral constraint by any government where the non-Aggression principle, equal opportunity, and free association are the sole parameters of a free society

Constitutional Freedomists- Freedomists who believe in creating or living in some form of a Christian commonwealth, whether as a private group, an intentional community, and or a local community with a super-majority of Christians

Independent Freedomists- Freedomists who agree with the above premises of Freedomism but who do not wish to associate with any one caucus.

Freedomists do not believe in or propose any sort of utopia or one size fits all solution, Freedomists will seek to find the BEST solution for each community through a process of consensus building and while each private group has absolute internal sovereignty, local communities must always protect the right of dissension, allow those who are in the minority or opposition to have a "opt out", and never force anyone to remain as a member.

The objective of Freedomism is, simply, to give individual SPACE they can control, directly in their home and indirectly by the association they choose privately and by exercising their right to participate in local self government and self taxation as a legislator and a jurist in their own community.

A SAMPLE Freedomist Compact
by vusalive on Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:06 pm

What is a Freedomist?

Below is a "Compact" which would be used by LOCAL Freedomist Clubs. This compact will give you a good idea of a Freedomist is and the general approach we are taking to enhance our self reliance, our sovereignty, and our independence from big government and the planned economy.....

A Freedomist Compact
(For local Clubs)

I commit myself to uphold the sovereignty and independence of every member of my
community and my nation, these United States of America, against all threats of all kinds to anyone’s rights, persons, and property.

I commit myself to defend and uphold the Declaration of Independence as the originating authority for this nation and to the Constitution in all of its details and original intentions to promote a free society in which individuals, private associations, and local communities have maximum creative and legal authority and where States first and then the Federal government hold the least amount of creative and legal authority.

I commit myself to act, in whatever capacity is possible, as a Watchdog, as an Advocate, and as a Resource using local, regional, state, and national Freedomist NewsBlogs and other means to inform, persuade, motivate, and organize other Americans until more and more Americans choose to live and act as Freeholders who OWN their life, their private associations, and their local communities instead of letting “One Big System” beyond their control ACT as the owner.

I commit myself to meet with and work with fellow Freeholders within a local, regional, state, or national Freedomist Club, via online and in person means, to mutually assure one another of help and mutual protection in time of crisis, emergency, trouble, or great need and to cooperate and even compete in order to advance the cause of Freedom and the inherent RIGHTS of Freeholders as we become dependent on ourselves, interdependent of people we CHOOSE to associate with, and independent of everyone and everything we CHOOSE not to associate with.

I commit myself to participate in a Freedomist Town Meeting in which all Freeholders, (ALL men and women are Freeholders instead of JUST being taxpayers, employees, and consumers) to debate issues and concern, to address grievances and demand redress, and to issue instructions to DELEGATES (any and all elected or appointed official) which we will, as a group, publish to all Electors and which we will hold them accountable to. I further agree to NOT
give any support of any kind, including my vote, to any Delegate who fails to act in accordance to these Instructions

To Our Delegates at least 60% to 70% of the time.

I commit myself to all means of peaceful and Constitutional redress of grievances and of assertions of my rights and the protection of the rights, persons, and property of fellow Freedomists and of all Americans to the utmost of my ability using all the resources and assets at hand.

Will you JOIN us and support our work for only $5 every 3 months?


If you are FED UP with the FEDS, SHADOW THEM!
by vusalive on Tue Nov 11, 2008 6:45 pm

If you are FED UP with the FEDS, SHADOW THEM!

We need to get back to basics folks, all the fancy gadgets and software won’t save us, we need to START on a foundation of AVERAGE FOLKS simply shadowing the people who run our Federal Government: read their websites and blogs and press releases and Google them daily, copy and paste snippets or write your own report, TELL US what YOU would do if you were them, and maintain a “Topic” within a relevant forum with their contact information, links to news items about them, and your assessment of their votes and actions.

There are LOTS of things we can do building on this foundation, but let’s keep this simple and direct.

If you are FED UP WITH THE FEDS, as we are, then SHADOW THEM!

We are FORMING a “SHADOW GOVERNMENT IN EXILE” for Americans who are opposed to a Big Government and a Planned Economy over at http://www.vusalive.com/ who agree with the following pledge:

“I pledge to uphold the Constitution of these United States of America as well as the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Freedomist Principles of limited government with maximum local control the principles of economic freedom, the sovereignty of every member in my community, the right of free association for every private group, club, church, or business, and the absolute local autonomy of my community as a Free Society in which almost ALL decisions that affect local people are made by local people for local people.”

Here’s the way it works:

1. You join a CAUCUS, our version of political parties, except these are for Freedomists who happen to be liberals, conservative, democrats, republicans, independents, and etc. who agree that whatever their beliefs or ideology they agree that LOCAL communities and individuals should jave MOST of the political or “civic” authority and that the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are the LITERAL law of the land

2. You CHOOSE a person to Shadow. You can CHOOSE any elected official, including your Governor, your Senators, or your Representative (you cannot choose any official if you do not live in the state or district they represent) or you can choose any Judge from the Circuit courts of appeals and higher (again, must be in your area), any Member of the Executive branch, or any member of the Federal Reserve System.

If you are an elected official and you agree with our pledge, OR or if you merely want to interact with the People, please join and interact or have someone from your office join.

As a “shadow” officials, e.g. a “Shadow Governor” or “Shadow Senator” you are the shadow of that person, you will follow their doings, copy snippets in your Topic Area, write what YOU would do, and even, as we get going, contact them to do an interview or to have questions answered (you will describe yourself as a Reporter for the American Freedomist Network, a network of News Blogs and Cyber News Radio Shows that reaches over 75,000 people per month).

All you have to do is FOCUS on that person and if other people want to shadow them, you can form a “Shadow Committee” who will support your efforts (look out, however, Shadow Committees will ELECT the shadow official once that have more than 2 members).

You can choose up to THREE officials to shadow until someone comes along who wishes to shadow one of them, whereupon you will have to decide

3. You can decide to participate on the Admin side of the Government by managing any forums, blogs, or etc. that are associated with the Shadow Government with opportunities for profit sharing based on subscriptions sold, premium memberships, and ad revenue.

YOU DO NOT have to be a “shadow” to JOIN the Virtual USA Shadow Government. You can simply be a Citizen and join Shadow Committees for your Governor, your Senators, and your Congressional District where Shadow Governors, Senators, and Representatives will work with you to stay focused on what these people do and where you will be able to, as we grow, participate in writing INSTRUCTIONS to these officials which we will deliver to them via fax, email, letter, or in person.

4. RUN FOR PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, or SUPREME COURT Justice! Once we have at least 100 members we will hold an election for Shadow President, Shadow Vice President, and Shadow Supreme Court Justice who will each serve a 30 day term, with a maximum of 4 terms in a year.

MORE will follow, for now, let’s just keep it SIMPLE: go to http://www.vusalive.com/ and JOIN. Once you join, go here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2

The Secrets of the 21st Century Ecklesia

TeamSarah.org: The Reckoning


Bill Collier
Community Governance Adviser- Team Sarah

I want to let everyone know now, that we have all the facts, why today seemed a bit, well, crazy...

At Team Sarah we are experiencing -- and, with your help, neutralizing -- an attempt to frame this community for harboring hate speech and bigotry: violations of our own Terms of Use and community standards. We have just found and documented a group of 90 invaders who are plotting to come here to post racist remarks and radical, over the top, content in an attempt to discredit us, to get you, our members, fighting each other, and to just make it difficult for us to function as a community. This is not suspicion. We have irrefutable evidence!

We know who these people are through technological traces of where they are coming from (called IP Addresses) and other means. We have the website owner's information from the website from whence this conspiracy to vandalize our community. We have lodged a protest.

And we fight on!

This invasion was detected early on by TeamSarah member Kelley S, who is working with me to protect our community from such misconduct. We are taking many active measures to suppress the invasion. Thank you all for your excellent advice and support in defending TeamSarah. This discredits the Liberal attackers, not TeamSarah!

Truth outs in the end.

It is now apparent that the earlier attack on our reputation blogged at The Huffington Post was of the same nature: send in agents provocateurs to say awful things, frame us for violations of our own high standards, and treat them as "real" in order to discredit us. The smoking gun? One of the HuffPo's claims against us is identical to what one of the website's posters gloated about posting!











Bill Collier: The Huffening

Listen here!


"First, ah...we have gotten to the bottom of the bottom. In fact, when you deal with certain types of people,when you deal with people that have no tolerance for the other side, you always get to the bottom of the bottom.

"You will recall, in the past how sarah palin's name was smeared all over the place. Why they said that the baby wasn't hers, there were all kinds of crazy accusations...we have gotten to the bottom of the bottom. We have found the origination of it, and it all began with an attempt to infiltrate and destroy the teamsarah community, teamsarah dot org.

"I happen to be the community governance administrator there, full disclosure - I also happen to be an independent writer of my own merit - um my brother paul, a gu named blank who will remain anonymous for his own reasons - and some other folks, have noticed, um, a large number of people coming in and acting like idiots...and we began to research it and we discovered that there was a place where these people were gathering, and they were literally creating sock puppet clones, trolls, whatever you want to call them, and were sending them in to conservative groups, of which our group's related, in order to undermine them! They also admitted that they had undermined and sought to destroy the Hillary Clinton campaign!

"They are members of a forum that claims to be supported by George Soros! Now I dont know if they're supported by George Soros but I would like to ask him if that is actually the case, if prehaps there is some funding involved here, because these people clearly have a lot of time on their hands. And they have come in literally in the hundreds in order to undermine everything decent and right.

"We in the past have had an article in the Huffington Post in which Team Sarah was villified, as being racist, they had screenshots of people making very racist remarks, unfortunately as paul is going to be detailing in the future here, the guy who did the article which was presented on the front page of the Huffington Post as a journalistic piece, as a serious journalistic article, this is a man who has said and done things that are unbelievable, whos credentials as a journalist are absolutely, absolutely none, he has no credentials as a journalist, Huffington Post has no credentials as a journalistic publication, it is a liberal opinion rag, a blog nothing more nothing less! But they just received, they're talking about a 25 million dollar capital investment, I wonder which advertisers want to be associated with an article that has no journalistic standards, an article that cites evidence against a community of people, evidence that we now know was planted! By the other side! People who bragged about going in and saying and doing things in order to FRAME people at Team Sarah as being racist, in order to FRAME Sarah Palin! And this goes all the way back to the original post..and in the original post the man says "Hey..lets smear Sarah palin...and lets convince the world that Sarah Palin really isn't pregant, and its her daughter's baby, her daughter was the one that had Trig, and her SON had sex with her DAUGHTER, and that's why he's being sent to uh, uh, Iraq!" Oh...you talk about insane!

"Bragging about, and - oh oh you can't believe - they, they ran this article, with all these sock puppets creating fake evidence, they never once contacted Team Sarah! They never asked any questions! I want, I have a question for ARIANNA HUFFINGTON right now...! WHO KNEW WHAT AND WHEN!! WERE YOU PART OF THIS?!? OR WERE YOU JUST THAT IRRESPONSIBLE THAT YOU THINK CAN BE A SERIOUS JOURNALISTIC PUBLICATION ONLINE...and post this kind of NONSENSE!!

"That article after it came out, we were HIT with hundreds, hundreds of people coming in trying to disrupt the community, saying the most vile disgusting things! I've got the information...I've got all the emails that they sent...these cowardly people, and some of the things that they said are UNREPEATABLE! And that is what Huffington Post generated...that is what people are investing 75 million dollars on, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!?! Who are these potential advertisers so that we can boycott every single one of them, so we can expose them as liberal HACKS who do things more like what the Stalinists would have done, what the BOLSHEVICKS would have done to their enemies, to distort the truth, to lie...this calls into question the entire election!Because this election was won on the margins, and they attack on the margins by undermining conservative organizations, they bragged about going after Hillary Clinton's people, they bragged about going after Little Green Footballs, they bragged about constantly trying to undermine everything we were trying to do, not only SMEARING us in public, but doing everything they could to make our ability to even TALK to each other, in our OWN COMMUNITIES impossible...now I know why the 57 states doesn't allow SCUM like THAT in...NOW you know...

"We need a place of our own, a haven of our own, where we don't have to worry about these people and their opinions, there is a time and a place to engage...to go out into the marketplace, to debate, to discuss issues, to try to come to a civil disagreement with other sides, and present your opinions...but there's also a place where you wanna meet with your own people, where you wanna strategize for your own cause, and your own believes, and your own values, and these people WILL NOT LET US ALONE!! They come in, they think they have a RIGHT, from God knows what...they think they have a PURE STRAIN RIGHT to GENTLY CARESS THEMSELVES into our communities...and undermine everything we stand for, and try as much as they can! Its as if we're having a meeting in church and they're standing up in the middle, oh wait THEY DO THAT IN SAN FRANCISCO NOW DON'T THEY!...they already DO! Is this what we're coming to? Civil debate in this country is coming under assault and WE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT ANY LONGER!

"We are going to stand up, we're not going to stoop to their level of course! You don't...you don't return evil for evil, and its evil, but you CALL it evil...and the people on those forums...the people that are coming from Something Awful, from Lazy's Fair, and the people that are coming from Huffington Post, and Daily Kos, and Democratic Underground, have declared WAR ON YOU...and YOU must STAND UP! Document everything they do, expose everything they do, stand up...I can assure you of one thing...they are not coming in, to Team Sarah...sure, they probably have sock puppets...but they're not going to get anywhere. The people at Team Sarah are too smart for that. They don't fall for the debate...they don't get sidetracked by that nonsense...and they're creating their own measures to fix and make sure that bad behavior is dealt with.

"If you are a liberal...and you wanna come, and you wanna participate and be civil, generally speaking no one is going to bother you...but if you wanna come in, and you wanna pretend you're something you're not, assume a false identity, or you wanna come in and attack people, and start saying so and so is a clone, and try to do these things? You're not gonna get away with that...and if you are being FUNDED...or others are benefiting from your behavior...you'll be held accountable, and my first target is the Huffington Post itself.

"Arianna Huffington, you political whore... *(tell them about huffington (?) dot com...)* Huffingtonwatch dot com is coming to a theatre near you, we are going to document the hypocrasy, we are going to document the smears, we are going to go after these people tooth and nail and I assure you of one thing my friends...THERE ARE NO GLOVES ON THESE HANDS!!!!!! They're off...you want war, I'll show you how to fight a war and it won't be the way you think, it won't be unethically, and it won't be by promoting violence and hatred and strife...it'll be by standing up for what is right, it'll be by telling the truth, it'll be by shooting down every arrow you throw at us with the shield of truth, it'll be by going after every attempt to HIJACK...like the TERRORISTS that you are, YES! Terrorists seeking to HIJACK our group and FLY THEM INTO TOWERS!! Well, I say to you unequivically...GO TO HELL!!! "

*(It'll be by turning the lights on, Bill. Turning the lights on them. They've been living in the dark and shadows for too long.)*

"You have to understand, I am NOT irrational. I am very rational. The Bible says be angry and sin not. There is no sin at being angry. There is no sin at being outraged. The sin is in how you respond. We're not going to send clone armies to disrupt their groups...we're not going to disrespect their right to their opinions...sure we're going to monitor what they're doing, we're going to track what they're doing, we're going to use good intelligence...we're going to find out who these people, who these coward scum who hide behind fake IDs and don't want to use their real name in public, because they KNOW...they know...if they use their real name in public they might have a lawsuit...and if we find 'em they might...you cause a tort, when a community of people something, and you are coming in and causing damage, which tends to cost THEM MONEY...you create a tort, go back to school and read it you little freaks!

"You've been hiding in a hole, you've been getting away with it ever since that first chain letter...well lemmie tell you, and lemmie tell you clear...we are COMING for YOU. And the people who HARBOR you...and I say to the people who have been affected by these attacks, on places like Little Green Footballs, and places like Team Sarah, on conservative, and prolife, and other forums of that nature, all throughout the blogosphere, I say to you...SOON...the world will know who these people are....and these people will hear from you...and NOBODY WILL HAVE ANYWHERE TO HIDE...and anybody that harbors them, any blog, any forum, any website, any group, any business that harbors that...YOU WILL HEAR FROM US..and it won't be unethical nonsense, it will be legal, it will be in the court of public opinion which you will LOSE, because the American people, left or right, DO NOT APPROVE! OF YOU TRYING TO BE UNFAIR! AND UNKIND AND UNCIVIL and they do not approve of you TRYING TO STOP PEOPLE from living their lives as THEY choose to live their lives, in COMMUNITY with one another, trying to violate our right of free association! You don't have a First Amendment right to step into my HOUSE, and start calling me NAMES...and you don't have that right in our communities...WE have a right to DECIDE...who we want to associate with, how we want to assemble together, how we want to work together, and your efforts, your SAUL OLINKSY efforts to undermine us will be met, we will exchange BLOW FOR BLOW and WE WILL NOT FAIL... no matter what, your days are numbered, the devil always goes too far, you have exposed yourself and we are going to make sure we will CONTINUE to expose you... and as we expose you, oh how we expose you...your life...will become...A LIVING HELL. As your own side turns on you...can you imagine the millionare, Arianna Huffington, how she is going to feel when we, we, YOU, in this chatroom, listening to this show, begin to contact her investors, and begin to ask her "why are you associated with somebody that says they're journalistic, when they have no journalistic ability whatsoever, and who are you? to do this? And how are you going to enjoy a boycott by millions?" And if you don't think the conservative base is going to rise up in righteous indignation and rally around its own cause, YOU are a FOOL!!!

"You're like the Japanese, we've ENJOYED your attacks this time! We have LISTENED to you, we have had PATIENCE with you, we have been CIVIL with you, we have tried everything we can do to have peace with the other side...but they have engaged in a Pearl Harbor-like attack...and we are only now understanding the full depths of how HORRID this attack has been...you are not outraged? Oh I don't think so...if you're a conservative, if you're a liberal, if you're a moderate, if you're an independent, if you're an American that believes in the First Amendment...in the right of free speech in public, and the right of free association in private...if you believe in those things, and I know you do Americans...then you are just as outraged as me and you don't care who's doin it...and you don't care if its your side or my side or whoever's side it is...you only care about how this isn't who you are as a people...Americans don't go into other peoples' communities, try to frame them for things they didn't do, try to stop them from even being able to communicate with each other, and then spread lies as fact, and then present themselves as JOURNALISTS...Americans would NEVER think of that! We on the right have been so, just...so absolutely surprised, to tell you the truth... its hard to believe that someone would do something that you would never imagine, if you had a conservative friend, or a liberal friend, and you knew they were engaging in this kind of behavior, whether you're a conservative or a liberal...you would be OUTRAGED! You would probably disown them because you're GOOD PEOPLE...you have good hearts and you believe in FAIRNESS...you don't believe in dirty tricks, and you don't believe that if a community of people is doing its thing, that people should try to come in, in the hundreds, in the thousands, and try to infiltrate them and tear them down, that email I recieved said 'we are going to send in thousands, and we are going to destroy your community from the core'...is this...is this the kind of people you want to associate with America?

"Arianna Huffington...are YOU an advocate of this? And you may say "I didn't knowww, I didn't knowww that this was happening..." did you do due diligence, did you check out the guy that wrote the article, did you check out the facts in the article, its you! Because your name is on that! Did you pick up the phone, did you call someone over at Team Sarah and say 'we have this report about your site, could we talk about this, and find out if this is actually true"? And we would have told them "look we don't believe in racism, we don't believe in bigotry, we don't tolerate it, and if we find that in people we deal with them" - but how do you deal with people when they're literally sending hundreds of them in...this wasn't a site that was funded with soros' millions! This was a site that was begun on a shoestring! As many of our sites are! We're from the ground up people, we don't have a big brother that drops million dollar checks in our lap every day! Do you think that's fair, America? Do you think that's fair, Arianna Huffington? And do you think, Arianna Huffington, that the American people are going to look at you with anything but CONTEMPT?

"You have only one choice...FIRE the man that wrote the article...disavow EVERYTHING that was said...CONDEMN IT! STOP the flame wars on your forum against us, make it a policy of your community that you won't harbor such activities...disavow and institute journalistic standards on your community...if you can't do those things, then you're profiting from that behavior...and if you're profiting from that behavior then it doesn't matter what you knew and when...oh and I'd like to know, and its a serious question, but in the end, if you're harboring it and you're profiting off it, then that's what you are. Because Team Sarah...Little Green Footballs...these are the websites that we have out there...we don't harbor that. I can't tell you the number of people I've dealt with, right left and in the middle, groups that I moderate and deal with...that if they're a conservative or liberal or whatever they are...that when they behave badly I deal with it, I don't tolerate it...yet you do Arianna Huffington, you tolerate it and you pay for it, you ask people to finance it your capital, then you come out and you try to pretend that you're a journalistic endeavor, stop lying to the American people, you're either a liberal blog, and that's all you are, or you're a journalistic publication. Which is it...you pick a side and if you're a journalist there's only one side Arianna Huffington...shut down the people doing these activities...don't tolerate it on your forums, disavow it publically, go on Fox News, go on all the other channels, and say publically 'we are sorry this happened, we apologize to Sarah for these vicious reports, we apologize to Sarah Palin because we allowed these smears against her, and we have been ourselves to blame for the poisoning of civil discourse in America, and we are going to institute reforms, and we're not going to agree with our conservative friends across the isle, but we're not going to call them the devil every day! And we're not going to profit from or allow this kind of behavior! We certainly wouldn't want people coming into our community doing this kind of thing, and we don't want to see it done elsewhere.'

"And I can assure you...if any conservative ever thought of going into a liberal group and doing that kind of behavior and I found out about it...I would be very outraged too. I do not tolerate that kind of behavior and nobody should and you know what? None of our people do. Most liberals don't, most conservatives don't. Most Americans don't. Its only a kooky few...yeah you a couple people on the extreme right, they pick up an issue and they're just as hateful, a few people on the extreme left, they pick up an issue, hateful, they don't want discourse...I've seen a picture of one of the trolls, the man is addicted to games, Dungeons and Dragons type stuff, looks like he's probably living in his mom's basement, he's got nothing better to do with his life...all he wants to do is just attack and destroy...he's not creating anything, he's not doing anything positive, he's just trying to stop other people from having an opinion...as if believing that life begins at conception is evil! As if believing in limited government and low taxes is evil...as if believing that, that going into Iraq wasn't such a bad idea after all is evil...as if whatever we say is evil...are you kidding me?

"America...Arianna Huffington is not your friend...Huffington investors? Listen to me carefully...Arianna Huffington is not a journalist...if she was, she'd be on this call with me right now agreeing with me and apologizing. She won't do that. And if she won't do that she shouldn't be investing in something like that, and if she does invest in that there's going to be hell to pay...because 40 to 50 percent of Americans identify themselves as conservatives...and the other 40 to 50 percent of Americans liberal or not, moderate, whatever they want to call themselves...are not going to support that kind of behavior. So you have a choice...investors of Arianna Huffington, do you want to support someone who's not a real journalist, and pretend that she is, when she is profiting from this kind of behavior and refuses to distance herself from it, if she was to, I haven't asked her directly so I can't say she has refused, but I'm asking her now and I'll ask her publically, what are you going to do Arianna Huffington, are you going to disavow this behavior, or are you going to continue to harbor cyber terrorists?"

Site Design by Bill Collier

Found at www.usacommunicator.com:

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And my personal favorite, Bill's Sex Toy site (Not Work Safe)

Upadaria: Reloaded

A few new finds concerning everyone's favorite fantasy land:

Greetings to all!
I hale from Upadaria, whichh in ancient Persian emans "the people rule". When I created the name I was not aware of this, I created it out of the initials UPDR which stood for a United People's Democratic Republic. Later, this was expanded into the four core ideals of Unity in diversity, Popular sovereignty, Democratic equality, and a Rule of law.
Upadaria is essentially nordic in its clime, I envisioon mountains and streams and vast dark forests interspersed with valley famlands and villages.
The Empire is a collection of city states, Like Riqueday, Watier, Novazzium, Claypool, Gaddox, Shagalonia, Greta's Gorge, Unnanaria, Leptis Parva, Micomesung, Brabandt, Reichswald, Duhnkehp and etc. Each city state is self sustaining in terms of food, shelter, energy, and clothing btu also very active in trade within the empire and the greater world, sort of locally focused yet very cosmoplitian and interconnected with the greater world.
Upadaria is governed by its philsophy which is bassed on the foru coire ideals, the social vision (consensus, sustainability, cooperaiton), the social ethic (welafre, economic justice, and autonomy), an economic model called "Concordianism", and a poltical model caleld Libertocracy.
Each city-state is autonomous and has a unique character and culture while the government is divided into three govevernemtns, united under a High Coucil and Emmperor whose main funcitons are to enforce the Chart of Empire and the rights for individuals and communtiies.
The Imperial Government, led by a Regent, deals with foreign affairs and defense. The Imperial Senate is made up of to senators per city state.
The Federal government, led by a president, handles trade and commerce. The Guild Senate and Guild House represent economic guilds within the naiton: each accredited (based on number of memebrs) guild senmd one senator while in the House representatives are elected by guilds in proportion to their numbers of members.
The Civil government deals with the criminal code and civil affairs and is led by a High Chancellor. The Civil Parliament representes the political parties and seats are assigned to parties based on proportional representation.
This system is designed so as to prevent a concentraiton of power on one hand and a paralysis by analysis on the other hand. Each government legislates in its own areas of responsibility and can be vetoed by 2/3rds votes from any of the other two governments, however the High Council can over ride or modify a veto with 2/3rds vote.
Upadaria is a land of great wealth, the wealth of an inventive and productive people whose reason for working is not to boost the GDP but, rather, to find and fulfill their callings in life. I stead of a work ethic that says get a degree and get a job our ehtic is to get knowledge on an ongoing basis and aquire a skill to serve oters while fulfilling your own dreams and, thereby, instead of simply making a living, make a LIFE.
Upadaria wishes to be at peace with all other nations, but is prepared for self protection in the event of aggression. The defense of the Empire is the personal responsibility of her citizens.
Many of the nations represented here are fascinating and innovative and it is with such peopleand nations that I, as Regent of Upadaria, wish to become affiliated. I offer my sevrices in any way I can help any of you to grow your nations, exchange ideas, or in any matter where I can assist you. I beleive that by growing ALL nations, not just one or a few, we can grow a movement of spirit which will catch on in the greater society around us.
Yours in service,
Regent William R Collier Jr

And a FortuneCity site from a decade ago:

Once we understand what Upadarianism is we can understand what the Revolution Within is. But first the Upadarian theory of human action must be explained. In reviewing our theory of human action (refered to as "praxeology") we will look at what action is, how choices are made, the "social diagram", socializing agents, the socialization process and "self-resocialization".

Once we have reviewed Upadarian praxeology we can move on to the revolution within, the "over turning movement" and "state and institution building".

Now, let us move into Upadarian praxeology.

What is action? Very simply action is choice followed by activity or purposeful inactivity. Without choice and the power to pick one alternative while setting aside other alternatives true action cannot take place. The elements of action are the power of volition and decision, the choosing of one alternative and the setting aside of other alternatives. In acting we do do not merely decide to accept one alternative, we pick up one alternative and we set aside others. In other words in acting we make a decision for one thing and against other things. Action is positive acceptance of one alternative and negative rejection of other possible alternatives. 

More than anything else action involves choice, a decision to do or not do something in order to achieve some desired end be it material or spiritual, be it selfish or altruistic. We act in order to exchange and change. We exchange something such as money, labor or property in order to get something. We change our current situation from a condition of lacking the object of our desires to a condition of having the object of our desires. The motivating factor behind all action is felt lack. If we feel satisfied with all things as they are we do not act we merely carry out tasks in a robotic motion which involves activity but which does not involve true action. 

All action is rational in so far as the acting individual perceives that their action will in fact achieve the end for which they have made the choice to act. When the Indians traded away Manhatten for trinkets they may have been grossly lacking in insight but the rationality of their act was sound, they exchanged an island of little value for objects which they valued more. All exchanges essentially involve the principle contained in the proverb "the buyer says 'it is nothing, it is nothing' and walks away rejoicing." We exchange what we have for something which we value more, we give away what we hold in low regard for what we hold in high regard. Generally we attempt foremost to give away as little as possible for what we want. How then do we arrive at the decisions which presage all human action?

How are choices made? As we reviewed above action essentially involves a choosing of one alternative among all possible alternative with us taking up the one alternative and putting aside or rejecting the other possible alternatives. In modern day economics it is understood that the type and form of economic system advocated by the conflicting (and numerous) economic schools of thought is primarily the result of the objectives each school has in mind. If the objective is economic equlaity the type of system advocated will necessarily differ greatly from a system where the objective is the diversity and quality of goods. So also is choice regulated and directed by the end which the acting individual has in mind.

The end dictates not only what things the individual feels necessary to obtain but even how the action will be conducted and how much of what one has will be exchanged for what one wants. Most of the choices we make are part of a "system of choices". This system of choices is a regulating factor, it defines what actions are acceptable and desirable as well as the intrinsic value of what one exchanges for what one wants. This system even goes so far as to instruct us as to what is worth obtaining and what is not worth keeping or obtaining. Another word for this system of choices is "the social digram" and we will now move on to discuss the social diagram.

The social diagram. Picture a line which has no begining or end, a line which goes on forever and ever. This line cover s "all possible actions". Picture now somewhere in the "middle" of this line two other short lines extending upwards from the horizantal line at 90 degree angles. Within these lines write the words "all acceptable behaviours" and outside of these lines write "all unacceptable behaviours". A behaviour is essentially an action, an activity in which something is exchanged in the hopes of obtaining something which one desires but is lacking. 

In every form of exchange at all levels, in every society, in every situation and at all times this diagram is present. From marriage and sex to work and friendship we all use our social diagrams to guide our choices whether we are conscious of those diagrams or not. All action, therefore, can be said to be a choice motivated by our social diagram to take one alternative and to set aside or reject all other possible alternatives. Understanding how and why we accept or obey our social diagrams is not only the key to understanding who we are it is the key to understanding how we can re-direct our lives. We shall now go on to discuss the primary builders of our social diagrams, the socializing agents.

Socializing agents. According to the "control theory" all of our behaviour is directed towards controlling our environment in order to meet one or all of the needs for self-actualization, belonging, security, food, shelter and fun. If we accept these needs as basic to the human condition (and there is no reason not to, at least for discussion purposes) we can deduce that for each of these categories a social diagram is present. Of all possible foods, for instance, we "accept" only certain ones based on our social digram and of all possible ways of eating foods we "accept" only certain ways of eating foods and this is also the work of our social diagram. Let us now conduct a little exercise to see the role socializing agents play in developing our social diagrams.

1 Take a peice of paper and draw a straight line across the top. Below this line write "all possible forms of fun". 
2 Now, write a list of 30 forms of fun whether "good" or "bad" or even legal or illegal. 
3 Next, draw two lines about three inches apart at 90 degree angles extending about two inches up from the horizontal line. Above the space created by the two lines write "acceptable forms of fun". 
4 Now from your list of 30 possible forms of fun pick out those forms which you personally consider acceptable forms of fun. 
5 Now write this new list on a separate sheet of paper following each item with a list of as many people as you can think of who you have seen, heard about or read about doing that specific thing and the positive and /or negative results which accrued to them as a result of doing such a thing. 
6 Finally, write how you came to accept each of these forms of fun and give a brief logical defense of why each of these is positively beneficial to both yourself when you do the and to society in general should the vast majority of people do the same.

The people who you saw, heard about or read about doing some of those things which are "acceptable" according to your social diagram are socializing agents. A socializing agent is any person, institution or thing from which individuals learn which behaviors are acceptable and which are not. Among those who are the most influential of socializing agents are parents, peers, teachers and heroes be they political, military, entertainment or sports figures. Whoever you want to either please or imitate becomes your socializing agent. You, the socializee, and the numerous socializing agents of your life are part of an ongoing socialization process. We shall now discuss that process.

The socialization process. As we observe socializing agents we internalize a social diagram and this diagram determines how and why we act. Internalization means that we accept and obey the standards of acceptability which we learn from socializing agents first consciously and then unconsciously. The fundamental method by which we learn what our socializing agents find acceptable is the process of sanctions either positive (an award, praise or some benefit) or negative (ostricism, public scorn, reprimand, spanking or some negative result). If we can think of forms of fun we find acceptable we can also think of the sanctions which we have experienced that either encouraged or discouraged us from doing certain things. When we won a race and were praised or when we smoked and were spanked we experienced attempts to socialize us through sanction. The socializing agents which we most respected or adored were the ones who we ultimately obeyed. In this context we are always obeyeing something and that something is our social diagram. 

What happens, however, when our social diagrams are either not suited to meeting our present needs or when they conflict with our ideal? As and example consider Daniel Bell's book "The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism" in which he makes the point that the techno-economic, political and cultural elements of society are three seperate things. According to Bell the techno-economic sphere is based on the ideals of cost effectiveness and product quality, the political sphere is based on the ideals of inherent equality and a libertarian "rule of law" while the culture is governed by self-expression/self-fulfillment in a hedonistic free for all. Whether or not Bell's views are 100% correct is not important here. The main value of Bell's idea is that he was able to grasp that our social diagrams can often be contradictory and he essentially held that the political diagram (equality and liberty) ought to become the single social diagram upon which all others are built. What then could Bell or anyone do if they determined that there were contradictions between the various social diagrams which they held?

For starters the would be reformer of ones' own social diagrams would first and foremost have to identify those diagrams as to their contents and root ideals and then compare those diagrams with the one set of ideals which one holds to be of supreme importance. The process of changing ones' social diagrams is called Self-resocialization and we will discuss this now. 

Self-resocialization. There are two tests by which the individual can evaluate the desirability of a social diagram. Those two tests involve determining whether or not the diagram is practical and useful under existing circumstances and whether or not the diagram is practical and useful in bringing the individual fulfillment, inner peace and even "pleasure" (not in the sensual context but, rather, in the esoteric context). Once a deficiency is discovered the individual is required by necessity to change their diagram for if they do not their situation will not change. 

We can change our social digrams and if we change our digrams there is a very good chance that we can ultimatley modify our circumstances and even change our lives. Three things impede our ability to change our diagrams and thus our lives, lack of knowldge about the fact that social diagrams exists let alone how they are created, lack of knowledge that we can change our diagram and lack of a decision on our part to take back control over our diagram from "socializing agents" beyond our control to become our own socializing agent and to select agents which embody the ideal which we actually want to live by. The first two obstacles can be overcome with education but the last obstacle is the most difficult to overcome because it requires a decision to act followed by a disciplined effort to change not only what one believes but how one acts. The key question I would pose to any person is "who should define your social digram and set the pattern of you life, you or somebody else?' As ultimately we must all stand alone before the judgement seat when we face our Creator the answer to this question can only be that we must determine, according to what we consider to be right and useful to ourselves and our society, the content of our social diagram.

This process of self-resocialization involves a concerted and conscious effort to redefine our social digram, to essentially change our mind about ideas which conflict with our world-view and to thereby change our pattern of conduct so that what we DO conforms faithfully with what we BELIEVE about ourselves, our society and our world. The fact is that when we have inconsistent social diagrams we find great stress and frustration because we fail to live according to our core beliefs. This process of changing our mind and then changing our pattern of conduct is both self-liberating and dramatically life-altering. From how we manage and spend our money to how we view human relationships and interact with others we begin to embark on a program of radical restructuring. This program we refer to as The Revolution Within and it is a program the individual can conduct immediately and on their own. If, as we hope, you choose to adopt Upadarianism the revolution within would involve YOU altering your social diagrams, and hence your behavior, to correspond to your adopted ideals. This is the primary and foundational means by which the Upadarian revolution will be carried out, it will not be a mere cosmetic change in the FORMS of power or the players in the political drama it will be a deep-seated social revolution firmly rooted in the human heart. The "overturning movement" in which the community takes on democracy and cooperative free enterprise and the state and institution building efforts which will occur as nations elect to adopt Upadarian institutions will both be founded upon the spreading of the revolution within from person to person until individuals become a team and teams become a "community" influencing their larger communities and their nations to liberate themselves from such things as exploitation, oppression, ignorance, deception and prejudicial persecution.

The vision of the Upadarian Revolution is a total transformation of America's social, economic, and political life. We envision a nation in which nearly all, if not all, citizens are either self-employed in some way or are sharing equally in the responsibilities and profits of business. In other words, we envision a nation where nearly every citizen is economically self-sufficient and is thereby free to pursue his or her own happiness. We also envision small communities as the foundation and basis of all political sovereignty with each community being governed directly by their citizens and with each community being materially self-reliant. We see alternative energy and manufacturing processes/resources empowering smaller entities to meet the needs of locals in a manner which provides quality and variety and has little to no impact on the local environment. We see the values of the small town and the open-minded culture of the city coming together in the sovereign comm unity , an entity modelled after Thomas Jeffersons' ward republic and the Greek Po l is with ALL citizens regardless of race or economic standing being equal members of the "body politic". We see counties being reformed into "federations" of sovereign communities and states being federations of sovereign counties. We see workers' unions rising up to demand equality between labor and capital along the "cooperative free enterprise" model. We further envision a literal interpretation of the constitution with amendments which protect the rights of communities and further strengthen the Bill of Rights. We see the end of political party domination of governing bodies with the end of rules which provide for the appointment according to party or seniority and rotating leadership positions, drawn by lot, to ensure that all elected delegates serve in these postions. 

The Upadarian Revolution seeks to go deep, into the hearts of individuals, as well as far and wide, througout the whole nation at every level. 

This "revolution" occurs in two primary stages. Stage one involves purging our minds of the myths of caeseristic institutions such as Big Government and Big Business. The second stage involves changing one's own life through financial and behavioural 'reforms' and then cooperating with fellow travelers to create tools of self-liberation such as buying co-ops, local publications, local credit-unions, workers' unions and citizens' corporations that make it possible for individuals to obtain true economic self-reliance.

This is the overall "thumbnail" sketch of what we mean when we speak of the Upadarian Revolution or "the Upadarianization of America". It will require a greater commitment by individuals to "active citizenship" , that is why we emphasize the first stage, personal decolonization, so heavily. People must see themselves as sovereign creations of a sovereign God and then be willing to take responsibility for their own lives and the life of their People. America is not a land, America is a People and each of us are Americans. Whenever one of us reforms our life we reform part of America and as more and more Americans realise who they are and what power they have the Upadarian Revolution will grow and grow until it spreads throughout the whole nation.

We must do more then elect some well funded politician, we must re-learn the art of actually governing ourselves and our communities. 

Change begins with YOU and I, as each of us rejects the notion that we do not count and accepts the moral responsibility to control our own destiny and reach out to our neighbors in cooperation something will begin to happen, something good for every single one of us. Freedom will only thrive where the People become individually involved and where ignorance and apathy are replaced with knowledge and initiative.

The Upadarian Revolution is a daunting task, one that will have immediate positive effects on individuals who begin to practice it but that will take a long-term commitment to spread it throughout the whole nation.

Upadarianism is the economic, political and cultural world-view of the American Civilization. What is this American Civilization? It is a civilization born out of the coming together of the Hispanic, Western, Asian, African and Native American worlds. Geographically it stretches from the great Canadian north to the islands of Tierre Del Fuego. The destiny of this civilization is to transform all of the Americas into a collection of Free and sovereign Peoples who have achieved the ideals of equality, liberty and prosperity through a community-driven free enterprise. Each and every one of the numerous ethnic groups which form the mosaic of the Peoples of the Americas are part and parcel (equal in value) of the newly emerging American "Race". The radical imperative for Upadarianism in America today is to create some "Homeland" within the heart and the imagination of people wherein the principles of Upadarianism can be practiced and from which the Upadarian revolution can be spread throughout the Americas or even the world.

Picture a situation in which the economic level of prosperity currently enjoyed by the United States is enjoyed by all of the Americas, picture the numerous nations of the Americas with democratic systems of self-government and local empowerment of individuals and communities and picture an end of the reign of Big Business and Big Government from Canada to the Falkland Islands. If you can see the image of a Free and Prosperous American Civilization stretching from pole to pole along the whole length of the American continents then you have caught a glimpse of the DESTINY of that civilization.

Our Civilization, which is taking root first in the heart through a "revolution within", is on a collision course with the decadent civilization of a Western Europe still hell-bent on global domination. Many of the financial, social, religious and political institutions of American nations are controlled by leaders who are loyal to the Western ethos and mythos of acquisition and nihilistic "will to power". Therefore Western Civilization still exercises a great deal of power over the Peoples of the new world. The time has come for the new world to end once and for all the reign of Western "caeserism" in the Americas, the time has come for the Peoples of the Americas to seize their destiny and claim their moral and political birthright! 

This is but a vision and, as we have noted earlier in the NOVUS series, it is only a target. But it gives us, I think, something to shoot for, something to get up every day and LIVE FOR.